Are You Ready To Challenge Yourself?

You are and I’m so excited because our 21 Day Veg Challenge is now available and ready for you to receive it.  Just like any challenge there’s some pre-work that has to be done before you jump right into it.  My only ask it that you use the pre-work as an opportunity to engage and measure if this is the right challenge for you.

Once you decide and buy into the program, that is when I begin providing tools and information to help you along the way. It’s going take work on your end but here’s what you can expect from me!


I’m Here with You..

  • I provide instructions prior to starting the challenge.
  • I provide information on the different types of veg lifestyles, it’s levels to this ish.
  • I guide you through time management, meal planning and successful goal setting.
  • I provide online support, meditation guide with an E-Journal to log the journey.
  • There’s recipes, videos and support emails all the way through the course.

This eCourse was designed specifically to help you transition into a healthier lifestyle. I really thought back to what I wanted to know and what could have helped me along the way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I then realized my life has changed dramatically and it’s all due to me having a better relationship with food. Taking a step back to get my mind, body and spirit healthy was the caterpillar for it all coming together.  Did I mention my waist gets snatched every time I do this challenge! Yes, I still do it 3 to 4 times a year to cleanse my body.

Check out the photos.. 

21 Day Veg Challenge