Nick Cannon visited Haiti last week on the invitation from 2010’s Miss Haitian Universe, Sarodj Bertin. Nick has been a longtime advocate for Haiti, and alongside Sarodj and her foundation “Sarodj for a Purpose,” the two were caught vising an orphanage and handing out presents surrounded by throngs of children. Sarodj’s foundation has a goal to open a school for children that teaches them Haitian trades, while Cannon aims to encourage awareness for Haiti and personal philanthropy.

Like them, I also have the goal of teaching wellness and philanthropy to people through my retreats. I feel like it is not only up to the celebrities and the wealthy to give back to human kind but everyone’s duty to do so. Last year, I did the very same thing Cannon did and took a group of 13 women to Haiti for a wellness retreat, and while my retreats are meant to Relax, Reset, and Retreat, they are also meant enrich and give back. The women on my retreat went through “gratitude training” where they are expected to volunteer and/or donate to a local organization while there. We provided support to the acffc through art, education and food and it was beyond gratifying for all of us involved. I believe you can’t grow physically strong without growing spiritually strong as well. That is why this coming year I am planning a men’s retreat to ensure no one is left behind on this journey.

My men’s retreat will be in Jamaica, June of 2017 and based on the response of men wanting to join in on the women’s SOLD OUT retreat, I am taking these men to Jamaica instead and we will continue the give back just like my women did this year in Haiti.

So do as Nick Cannon and Sarodj Bertin do and make your life better by making someone else’s better, and there is no greater chance to do that than with me in Jamaica! Although our retreat has moved for 2017 it’s because I’m trying to link up with others to do more and have a bigger impact. Trust me we will be back in Haiti, it’s our retreat home.

If you want tp read more on the work we’ve done in Haiti please read, Philanthropy: The Art and Soul of Haiti.

Men’s Retreat Info

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