The New Year is here and so is the “New  Year, New Me” people and I must be honest.. They are my customers because what ever they’re doing to maintain personal well-being  isn’t working. To help my potential clients get started here’s..

5 Quick Tips To Start Healthy Living Today!

  1. Build a healthy meal  plan for the week – If you normally eat take-out and find yourself spending more money than budgeted. Create a plan consisting of fresh, whole foods and stick to it for improved energy and health.

  2. Take a workout class – There are so many different styles of fitness these days, you can drop-in on a class (e.g. Dance, Pilates, Kick-boxing) and if it’s something you enjoy schedule regularly.   

  3. Read a book- Reading regularly has shown through science to improve your stress, empathy and positivity. Pick up a local author or read up on an interesting topic you’ve been meaning to research.

  4. Schedule a well visits with the doctor – A lot of people don’t like going to the doctor and I’m all for healing naturally but I also believe in managing my care with physical check-ups. Schedule you’re visit and hold yourself accountable for good health diagnoses.

  5. Get a good nights rest – Sleep effects your quality of life and is key to a healthy lifestyle. It affects your mind, body, strength and so much more. If you’re having trouble sleeping go back to #4 and schedule time with a specialist.

If this list was helpful, please share it out and I would love to hear how your Healthy New Year started!