So, we just had our first dose of unseasonably warm weather and many were unprepared.  We were forced to strip out of our comfortable camouflaging layers and showcase our less than toned physiques.  The unexpected warm weather   forced us to do something that we usually dread as we go into the warmer months – look in the mirror and realize that we gained quite a few pounds during the hibernation months.  Did your reflection look back and you and scream “I wasn’t reaaaadddddyyyy” (insert Kevin Hart’s voice here)?  If it did, not to worry because we still have time to get our summer bodies together.

Before you start a workout regimen is important to get become mentally prepared first!  This is important because you want to not only start a workout plan, but stick with it so you can reach your goals.  Below I’ve listed 5 tips to help you find and keep motivation to attain your summer body:


I'm not ready to wear this new outfit but I purchased it for motivation!
My New Workout Gear!!
  1. Buy New Workout Clothes – Do you remember how excited you were about your first day of school? Sure, you were looking forward to seeing your friends, but weren’t you hyped to put on your brand new outfit and sneakers to show them off? The same rules apply with workout attire. Treat yourself to workout clothes that are flattering, comfortable, and make you excited to put them on so you can get your workout on.
  2. Get An Accountability Partner – Do I always want to work out? No! Sometimes work has been too exhausting, my motherly duties are too pressing, or I’m just lazy. However, it is during these times that I appreciate my accountability partner. I suggest finding a partner that is as focused and determined as you (to reach their weight goals) so they can motivate you when you need it most.   This goes both ways – there will be times when your accountability partner will not be motivated to go to the gym and you will be the one to motivate.
  3. Join a Support Group on Facebook – This is free resource where you can find encouragement, motivation, and weight loss/nutrition tips from individuals trying to reach their weight loss goals as well as trainers.
  4. Follow Trainers on Instagram – This is definitely one of my favorite tips. I especially love this idea because I’ve noticed an influx of personal trainers posting nutritional meals that coincide with the series of 15-second workout videos for their followers to do from the comfort of their own homes! The moves are often easy to follow and if done properly and repeatedly, you will notice weight loss and/or toning in no time. If you feel that you’d like to take your workout to the next level you can even reach out to these trainers and pay for personalized workout sessions for even faster results.
  5. Follow Me! – Be sure to come to my blog as a source of encouragement, motivation, as well as information because I have plenty of goodies in store for my followers! I will be sharing delicious (and nutritious) recipes as well as posting pertinent topics that encourage a healthy overall lifestyle.   My journey to optimal health is a continuous one. As long as you’re following and finding encouragement in my words and pictures, I will continue to write and share with you so we can reach our optimal health together!

“There you have it! I hope you feel motivated to get out there and get summer ready!”


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