View More: “De” Lloyd is an energetic, yoga loving, juicing fanatic vegan, and the owner of Buffalo’s Code Blu Juice Bar (CBJB).  She is also a self-proclaimed health enthusiast who completed training to become a certified holistic & nutritional health coach.

Her healthy lifestyle is prevalent in all that she does. DeChantell’s initial lifestyle change began when she made the conscious decision to eliminate certain foods from her diet.  She abstained from red meat and pork for ten years before transitioning into the vegetarian lifestyle.  While the vegetarian lifestyle agreed with her for two years, she decided to take on yet another challenge.  With the support from dear friends and a desire to eat even “cleaner”, she embraced the vegan lifestyle and has been loving it ever since.

Her work on living a healthy lifestyle has been featured on “” and shared by various sources. This inspired DeChantell to launch her own wellness site “” where she inspires people globally to connect the mind, body and spirit in order to live collectively.


  1. you are the bomb I love you from your mom I couldn’t of asked the Lored for a brighter daugher

    1. Well put together I’m going to start the journey today , Loving myself , It’s such a inspiration to me

  2. I am so completely proud of you and ready for the world to love you the way we do!

    1. De. All things are possible with God!!. Ms. Venita

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