This question was a posted on Living Well with DeChantell Facebook page.

If money didn’t exists would you still get up every morning and do what you do for a living?
Fill in one box please:        Ο Yes                              Ο No

Don’t be afraid to fill in or check one box. We’ve checked these boxes all our lives. I could remember doing this since 1st grade. Using a No.2 pencil with and eraser so you can start over.  I needed that eraser all the time because filling in the bubbles to spell my name was awful.  Ohhhh my goodness, it was the longest experience for me (chuckle).  Seriously, all those bubble meant something. They helped you finalize an answer to a question or identify who you were and this one will too!

Today you are going to fill in the bubble that ensures you are living the best life from this day forward.

Check Mate – You Cannot Escape Living


I have a corporate job that forces me to create the life I want.

Let me be honest.. It’s not the best place for my mental space. However, I don’t complain and I know there is a place for me to be happy where my creativity can coexist.

I am slowly but actively creating a mental and rewarding space that I love. This is where my passion exist and guess what I don’t get paid for it.

One day I’ll do a video to explain more or go on tour and tell you how I created my best life but I’m not ready yet. I’m still creating it and sharing the journey with you. I will tell you what I know for sure.. I will leave this company on amazing terms and work for another company that properly aligns with my inspiration.

Will I be at the next company forever, I don’t know!

However, I am in charge of creating the best life I could ever live and so are you.

That’s why I shared this because I saw this question and it checked me too. Although I do what I love for nothing right now and will continue to do it for nothing if I had to.  Reality is when we do what we love making a living it will pay off because when you are truly passionate about something.  You will give all the information, tools, advice and commitment to growing it and sharing it with others.

I encourage you to find a cost effective, eco-friendly way to fuel your passion.

It may hurt a bit to check that box above but I’m committed to authenticity and living our best life. As always I appreciate you for being here with me. Feel free to share this article and/or comment below.

Live Well,