This will be the most open and honest post I ever write.. Not really because I approach all my post with honesty lol (When You Want to Open with Fluff)

On a serious note, I wanted to talk about my first week in July and how I planned to start the second half of the year strong, relaxed, mentally prepared and profitable.  It was all about celebrating life and doing everything I wanted to do without feeling the weight that once carried me and reminded me of his transition (more info in my eBook).

I filled my planner with mom things, expression of gratitude,  yoga every damn day, business content, workout classes and lunch dates in the middle of the day wearing leggings like I don’t have a job.  You know.. That DeChantell Kind Of Fluff that seems boring to others but really excites me. People like to call it self care, living without time restriction or feeling like I had to make space for others. #SorryNotSorry #iAintThinkingBoutYou

Unfortunately, none of that really happened because our country was and still is under an enormous amount of stress. It’s possible this stress didn’t affect you but it triggered a delay in my mental, physical and emotional progression last week.  Notice I said delay.. I still did what I wanted too but I had to open my heart and let others love on me during this time of grievance and emotional disturbance.  I also had to make sure I was okay before reaching out to others, I can’t put the well in wellness unbalanced. So I took a day for myself, then continued with the plan.

I had lunch in the middle of the day with my friend.  I also, brought her flowers as a sign of gratitude to show how much I appreciated our friendship.  Unexpectedly, the next day another set of friends showed up with flowers of support for me and planned dinner (look how that came full circle) to show how much they loved me.  Won’t he do it..Now at this point I was feeling the universe speaking to me and a little gracious, so I said “YES” to another dinner invitation that was a “No” 100x before. Surprisingly,  I had a great time because I was still open to experiencing people who wanted to be with me. l didn’t bum out about not practicing in the studio during the week (I was busy eating apparently)  because my weekend requirement was equivalent to any studio time I could have done. The only way I could fully appreciate this was if my heart remained open to receiving and I made it a point to answer every phone call that came in. People were making sure I was okay and for the first time in a long time.  I can honestly say I was without making sure everybody else was too.

I mean my time alone was a bit restricted but letting others invade my (introverted) space was the best thing I could have done for myself.  I was surrounded by people that loved me and that was exactly what I needed. My mind, body and spirit was directing the right people to me for being obedient and I could not have planned a better week even though I tried too.. 

I always believed preparation was necessary to begin the process. However, once you realize execution is the success to getting through it. That’s when you’re living!  Everyone has been through some stuff to get where they are today...Trust me.

I’m not perfect and everyday isn’t a good day. However, it’s another day to live. I feel good with my progress and have no shame in celebrating my wins by myself or with others. I woke up today, which means I’m still scheduled to win! – My Affirmation

Thanks to everyone that loved on me the week of July 1, 2016 until July 11, 2016, I appreciate every text, email, hug, phone call and inbox to ensure I’m truly living well.  

Live Well,