Quinoa pronounced  {keen-wah) is a seed often called a whole grain that should be a staple in your home to make a quick meal and a great substitute for rice.  You can easily find this whole grain at the supermarket in a white, red or black variety. Mainly grown inRead More →

So I turned  35 this year and I planned the most epic 3 week trip around the world. Catching 15 flights going from Buffalo to Los Angeles, then back home to switch bags and catch another flight in less than 24hrs to explore South East Asia because doing everything that makes me happy is important, okay. Truth be told I didn’t plan this as my big 35 tripRead More →

As a vegan and a mom, we always dread Halloween because you want to take the kids to parties, trick or treating and let them pass out candy in class but at the same time you’ve adapted a lifestyle that doesn’t support the use of animal products. So how does a parent get aroundRead More →