Buffalo is on the rise and we have this awesome Kombucha brewery on the west side of town called Bootleg Bucha Kombucha. Might I add this side of town is developing into it’s own little community (side eye). No worries, I’ve been all over it visiting places catering to our wellness needs.

But Back to the Bucha, if you’re not familiar with Kombucha let me explain what this is and the process it takes to make it first. Kombucha is a fermented probiotic drink know for it’s healing properties. It is made from tea, sugar and a SCOBY which is an acronym for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. Basically that means a beneficial bacteria and yeast are working together to produce a certain type of ferment. During the fermentation process the sugar and caffeine is used up and if any is left, it’s very little. The process is long and can take seven to thirty-one days with the final product having a natural carbonation. It’s fizzy and tasty so be careful not to shake the bottle.

Now that you know what it is, you have to try some because it’s been in existence for thousand of years. Around the world this drink is said to have amazing healing properties bringing your body into balance allowing it to heal naturally. Doing things like alkalizing the body, increasing metabolism and improving digestion are some of the benefits your body may experience but vary by person. Of course your consumption would have to be frequent but this drink sounds amazing and worth the investment of time and money if you believe it works.

Again, Buffalo has a brewery that I suggest you check out and my favorite flavor so far has been the Pina Colada (pictured above) but they have a variety of flavors.

Bootleg Bucha Kombucha can also be found locally, if you can’t get to the brewery. I’ve seen it at yoga studios, small markets and festivals. Try it out and tag both @Living_Well_De and @BootLegBucha on Instagram.

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