It is possible to budget a gym membership by making the most of your employee benefits. More employers are encouraging a healthy lifestyle in the workplace by promoting health and wellness events. This could be but not limited to incorporating regular exercise into your daily life, which in return leads to balance. This is where IRead More →

Should I put this under #WhatFatVegansEat?  Yeah, seems right because that’s a real hashtag used by the vegan community to describe something amazingly awesome but not really on the scale of clean eating.  Well Girl Scouts of American consider yourself tagged! We can no longer use the“Sorry I’m Vegan” instead we buy and walkRead More →

How often do you look in the mirror and like what you see? If you answered often, that’s great! My self reflection wasn’t the best experience in the past.  Honestly, I didn’t give myself enough credit for seeing beauty within and saying you are beautiful Stephanie just the way you are. My surroundings told me beauty was earned in the gym with men wantingRead More →

Embed from Getty Images This question was a posted on Living Well with DeChantell Facebook page. If money didn’t exists would you still get up every morning and do what you do for a living? Fill in one box please:        Ο Yes                              Ο No Don’t be afraid to fill in orRead More →

Embed from Getty Images It is a new year and we all are making new resolutions, commitments, and goals. When we think about wellness we usually only think about physical health. Wellness means more than simply physical health though.  Wellness is finding balance between your emotional, spiritual, physical and financialRead More →

 <br> What Workout is Best For Me? Top of the year and your mind is racing to start a healthier lifestyle. You’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin, right? Here’s the deal… Every fitness trainer, health coach, wellness site and gym wants you to invest in their program (includingRead More →