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Hello! It’s a movement and I’m here for it. Oh I was suppose to soften ya’ll up and get you ready for the suspense of my answer. Not happening, I’m a natural who doesn’t wear make-up so it’s a movement bih. We (naturals) have been moving in these streets without make-up for a long time and let me add I delayed writing this because I gave Alicia Keys six months and I thought she was going to say I’m over the #NoMakeUp Movement.  Sorry momma I was lurking and didn’t believe in your natural sister girl abilities.

I wasn’t the only lurker.. some people are really mad she is the poster child of the #NoMakeUp Movement but I’m not. We need more representation of us. I don’t care that she is light skin, bi-racial and soul searching. Did you see she’s also consistent with the head wrap doe? She’s shinning and I need ya’ll to glow up and let her be without concealer and mascara okay. Yes, I know what that is but I had no idea it was mandatory for a face, I thought you had to cover concealer with foundation.  I obviously have make-up questions from me trolling the comments on her twitter. I need professional make-up artist to chime in on this blog. Help a sister out!

Sorry, back to why I thought this was important to share. You know I write these celeb post because I want to share the authenticity I see in others and show we are all trying to live and breathe at the same damn time. I imagine it’s even harder for them, I’m an entrepreneur and life get’s crazy when everybody is in your business. Literally! Freaks me out sometimes and to be normal walking around with no make-up, people trolling has to hard with the spotlight on you consistently. I just want to support women as they are so Alicia Keys live girl and a from one natural to another a little lip gloss goes a long way Tyra said it!

As a woman who doesn’t wear make-up because my mother didn’t let me growing up and neither did my old school grandma so I missed that obsession.  Then as an adult I feel the process takes way to long to beat a face (I love saying that) and ain’t nobody got time for that.  I personally don’t go out enough to hire a make-up artist and the selection process scares me. Have you seen these tutorials of highlighting, contouring and not blending.

Seriously give me old school make-up non-tribal. Super natural, light make-up application when I do get it done once a year and that takes time… Again, I’m anxious and thinking about a million things I have to do in this time… so ain’t nobody got time for that. However, I have friends that wear eyebrows and I’m very envious of that application process. How you draw on your face? I need to do it one time and then I’ll be over that obsession.

Hold up! Before you go I think it’s important to share the #NoMakeUp Movement doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear it for the rest of your life. You’re giving the face a break from daily application and moving through life as you are.  So if you’re attending a party, date night out or sexy evening with the girls. Go for it and beat the face (ha said it again lol) for the streets.

Live Well and Be Free!