I want to recreate this photo so bad, it’s amazing! If I find a photographer, hair and clothing this will go down.

Okay back to this whole post and why my spirit mother to whom I think her existence is beautiful, nurturing and guiding are connected in energy. Ms.Badu is more than a songstress, she’s a healer, energy deliverer and light carrier.

As I was doing some research for this post my brain became curious on how her bio reads. Something that stood out to me was “A Mother First” which made perfect since about her path into becoming a doula and soon to be midwife.

Every word that followed I really didn’t pay attention to, sorry not sorry.  I’m someone who appreciates her artistry and feel it was already communicated in the lyrics. Plus I couldn’t get past the very first introduction spiritually. That blew me away and it felt personal and aligned with her service work. That’s why I’m here to highlight this stuff!

Yeah, she delivers babies and the path was realized after being there for friend Afya, stic.man wife of Dead Prez.

Badoula as the birthing community calls her is intentional. This became apparent as I was listening to interviews about how she got started and how important it is to be available for expecting moms. I was in awe that she knows exactly who to help and took action immediately.

I mean bringing new life into this world is a huge task and Ms.Badu describes the process as “Being The Welcoming Committee for Arriving Spirits” that’s deep.  My definition of a doula is someone who coaches family during and after pregnancy and I do it for free.  How can you not love her?

Anyone who’s a healer or connected knows when they are suppose to help someone and you know when your suppose to do it at no cost to the receiver.

We’ve all heard.. If you will do it for free, then that’s purpose!

@fatbellybella as you can find Ms.Badu on twitter is know as the neo soul singer, who wears a head wrap and burns incense while telling you to call Tyrone! Yeah, that amazing woman has delivered 40 babies and her music allows this service to be no charge.

You want Badoula to deliver your baby? Reality we don’t have access to her but I advise you look up a birthing doula in your area and check out their services. I had a baby 18 years ago, don’t do the math but I have gifted doula services to expectant moms because we need to support natural practices and keep them in the community.

Let me know if you would hire or have hired a doula. I would love to hear about your experience. Also, see “Badoula” in the video below from the Lovers Lane Birth Center’s Facebook page entitled, “Strong Mama with Doula Erykah Badu birth video.”

Strong Mama with Doula Erykah Badu birth video

Take a look at this fantastic video of Mama Shella with Doula Erykah Badu singing/rapping during the labor and delivery of Baby Daren at Lovers Lane Birth Center in Richardson, TX #naturalbirth #birthcenter #midwife #doula #nomedication #doulalove #erykahbadu #loverslanebirthcenter #SHARETHISPOST

Posted by Lovers Lane Birth Center on Tuesday, January 31, 2017