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“When you find out what makes you happy, and it can something as detailed as

a long term goal, or it can be something as simple as the way I feel when my son

smiles. You should know that happiness is your birth right.”

Pharrell Williams at the United Nations


I dare you, my reader, to right this moment watch Pharrell Williams’ video “Happy” and find a moment of happiness for your day. It is your birthright. And it is through Pharrell’s work, like this song, that he shows exactly how happy he is. In an interview with The Breakfast Club 105.1 FM the artist, humanitarian, and father discusses how he attributes much of his happiness to the universe and women. In what is perhaps one of my favorite quotes he says:

“Women have compassion, they think about the world, they birthed the world.

The whole entire world came through the conduit of a woman’s body … even

people who say things we disagree with … a woman carried that [person], too.”

And on the topic of his success he says:

                “It’s the universe, it’s the universe and the people … no matter how hot [my music] is,

                it requires people to be into it … [but] it’s a prerequisite, you’re supposed to try

                to be your best.”

You are supposed to be your best. Pharrell has recently coproduced a film called, Hidden Figures with Mimi Valdes, former Editor-in-Chief of Vibe Magazine and Latina Magazine. Now Mimi is the Chief Content Officer for Pharrell’s organization “i am OTHER.” The venture between Mimi and Pharrell also leads his children’s organization “From One Hand to anOTHER” where children and young adults from age 7-20 are guided and encouraged through positive visualization and activities to find a career, set a goal, and achieve it. Their creed includes the line “I must do the best I can, to be the best I can.” And I feel that is exactly what Pharrell believes. In his first film production endeavor Hidden Figures it is clear Pharrell sought nothing but the best in his project and in the campaign for happiness, women, and success.

Hidden Figures is a film about 3 African American women responsible for crossing the race and gender biases of 1960s Virginia. The protagonists are NOT portrayed as most women protagonists are portrayed in girl power movies. What you won’t find in this film is discussion of divorce, relationship burning, or consoling for a life lost; however, what you will find is a Scientist, an Engineer, and a Mathematician as the brains responsible for launching astronaut John Glenn in to orbit and safely back. An act characterized by the film industry as “a stunning achievement that restored the nation’s confidence, turned around the Space Race, and galvanized the world.”

My heart melted when Pharrell discussed meeting “Katherine Johnson” portray by Taraji P. Henson six years prior to being involved in this film.  I tell you there are no accidents to being in alignment with the universe.

It is an interesting irony that Pharrell should chose to make his first film about venturing into the universe through the strength of woman, when he attributes his own success and happiness to the universe and strength of women.


That said, Pharrell makes me Happy.


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