Everyone lost their minds over Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Launch September 8th with Sephora, except for me.. Wait before you judge me.. I don’t wear make-up nor do I know how to put it on. However, for the culture I still wanted to support and try it out but I first needed to confirm the full beauty line was cruelty-free to share with my followers and apply on my face.

Well, I’m happy to report that “Fenty Beauty” is cruelty-free and for those that think it doesn’t matter, let me explain why you should add this practice into your lifestyle.

Why Purchase Cruelty-Free Make-up?

Animal experiments are cruel, unreliable and dangerous. The bunnies, guinea pigs, mice and rats sit in fear waiting to be poked and picked during various procedures. They experience pain, suffering and often die after the experiment. It’s also known that animal toxicity test for cosmetics are not scientifically accurate. This is because genetically humans and animals are different. Although it is not a U.S.requirement to test cosmetics on animals it still  is a practice used today. Animal cruelty should not be one sided with todays advancements.

How Do I Know My Cruelty-Free Make-up is Safe?

There are over 7,000 cruelty-free ingredients for the cosmetic companies to choose from. These ingredients have already been proven safe with no need to test on animals. . In addition, alternative humane testing methods exist by the use of technology and In vitro to remove the pain and suffering on animals.

Why Fenty Beauty?

With that being said there are numerous cruelty-free brands out there but NONE like Rihanna’s inclusive Fenty Beauty Line that include 40 shades of foundation, highlighters and make-up brushes. I purchased the ‘Fenty Glow” gloss bomb it smell like vanilla and the tube is super cute.

It looks nude but shows up a different color on all shades of women. The cost was $18.00 which is normal pricing for a gloss and I love it.

I wanted to purchase the full three steps but I’m not ready to apply a full face of make-up just yet. The only disappointment was the line did not include mascara, eyeliner and/or an eyebrow pencils but this was phase one of the launch and guess what phase two looks like for the holiday.. Magic!!

October 13 Rihanna is launching Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection. This collection includes 13 glittery colorful products that includes a 14 color palette, several new lip gloss shades (buying them) and eyeliners, plus a new brush. Add to the holiday list hunty! Check out the promo below and let me know if you love your Fenty products..

So. Much. Glitter. The #GALAXYEYESHADOWPALETTE. Drops #FridayThe13th.

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