Russell Simmons began a new business venture with the opening of The Tantris Center for Yogic Science at the end of 2016.  Yoga studios cover L.A.  What makes Tantris stand out?  Just a little investigation will show you that this is not your typical LA yoga studio.

The mission of the center is:
“To expand awareness of the true purpose of yoga through a scientific, authentic practice designed to appeal to all levels. Our goal is to enlighten and inspire, motivating more conscientious living.
We are creating and cultivating a movement towards healthier choices for the mind, body, and spirit with a scientific approach to yoga teaching for practitioners and novices.  We promote looking good and feeling good, inside and out. “

What is yogic science? It is the traditional study of the eight limbs of yoga. A devoted yogi himself, this study is one of Simmons’ passions.  His yoga practice reaches far beyond the physical benefits.  He has used this belief as the basis for Tantris.

If you spend any time reading about Simmons, you will quickly learn that priorities in his life and work include health, wellness and philanthropy.   He is a vegan and has written a book about mindful eating titled The Happy Vegan.  (You can see my reviews of this book here on my YouTube channel).

And While Simmons is not a yoga instructor, but he is very hands-on with the programming for the center.  He even leads a Soul Sunday Lecture, which I’ve attended.

Tantris offers more than yoga classes.  Additional offerings include educational opportunities, teacher trainings, guest speakers and karmic classes.  All of these offerings tie in with how living a yogic lifestyle reaches far beyond the physical benefits of exercise.  Overall wellness is truly the goal.

The center also offers non-profit events for foundations and organizations that Simmons believes are important.  These events are where his philanthropic desires shine.  Simmons is a firm believer in giving back and paying it forward.  It is a part of his yogic lifestyle.  He is devoted to the community and believes in pursuing a conscious lifestyle that includes looking at ways to support others.

While we all may not be able to attend classes at Tantris, like I did and I’ll do another post to talk about the experience. What can we learn from Russell Simmons?  What can you take from the example that he is setting? Can you take deeper meaning in your yoga practice; move beyond the goal of physical fitness and pursue a more encompassing yogic lifestyle?  Maybe you too would like to be a “Happy Vegan”?  Possibly his devotion to giving back inspires you?  I encourage you to reflect on your life and see what small changes you can make that will move you into a direction of Living Well.

I’ve been to Tantris to practice with and without Russell a few times. I have clothing and attended a non-profit event for Seane Corn “Off The Mat Into The World” organization. The experience was soul catching and I’ll update my blog eventually about it.. my next trip to L.A. it goes up promise 🙂

Live Well,