OMG! I will never get tired of seeing Waka Flocka explain how and why he went vegan. It makes me smile every time I see him doing some vegan baking, eating vegan food or discussing his journey amongst peers. #Fact Waka has a following that touches the greater population of people I so desperately want to teach. #Truth It’s really hard for the African American community to accept a healthier lifestyle and understand; In this moment if you decide to make a better decision about the food you eat, it will lead to a stronger tomorrow.

Waka speaking about veganism represents an accomplishment for the younger and older generation watching him in the community. Forget he’s a hood rapper In my eyes he’s a wealthy man in much greater health talking about access to healthier foods, factory farming and self-love. Another #Fact he has no idea that’s what he’s doing and the authenticity of it makes that even better. He did it for himself “Yes God”.

This straight out of ATL, hood, trap rapper and also a family man with a wife and kid. Come on I’m her for all of this! The hood side of my story looks like his.. I can totally identify with it and so can a lot of people I know.  Now will they necessarily understand it, hell no.  Waka openly says “The people he hangs around doesn’t necessarily understand it and laughs” but he observes their behavior after they eat and compares it to his “They are sleepy and slumped over”.  The gag is people..I’m going to be living a much healthier, happier and longer life I’m so unbothered at this point and it feels good to be that way. #I’mWithWaka #HowYouAnswerNaySayers

In a video posted by “Munchies” Waka explains why he went vegan “I was F*cking Fat” (insert surprise face) and explains the journey, friends, cravings and provides some directions on how to make vegan blueberry muffins with singer/songwriter Raury. He’s no pro at cooking but we think you did great Waka and keep talking about your journey for the culture. So many people viewed this video, vegans and non-vegans and that say’s a lot about his reach, the curiosity of the people and how one person living their best life can influence a village.

Check out the video below and if you’re interested in transitioning I have a 21 Day Veg Challenge to help get started.

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