It is possible to budget a gym membership by making the most of your employee benefits. More employers are encouraging a healthy lifestyle in the workplace by promoting health and wellness events. This could be but not limited to incorporating regular exercise into your daily life, which in return leads to balance.

This is where I consider my corporate job very useful.  Point- Blank- Period; I have health insurance and my daughter does too!  My employer selected an amazing health plan that also rewards you for staying fit.  I would really like to say it sucks but this plan rocks and I found a way to appreciate it.

How to Maximize Employee Benefits

Through my health insurance provider I have access to a “Fitness Program” managed by a third party. This allows me to workout at multiple independently contracted fitness centers, including national and regional chains across the country. What does this mean?

I have a membership to L.A. Fitness, Catalyst Fitness and the YMCA for $25.00 a month. I also paid a one-time $25.00 enrollment fee (taxes may apply) giving me access to additional participating fitness centers within the program across the country.

I know your like do you really need all those memberships. Truth is I only visit 1 of the 3 gyms regularly but I’m all about convenience.  I like having the option to go somewhere else close to home if my gym friends flake on me or If I flake on them (it happens to the best of us).  I could also hit the gym with no excuses while traveling, sometimes a fitness facility is not on the premises.

Sounds cool, right? I thought so too and I don’t want to defeat the purpose of the program by highlighting multiple gym access. The freedom to roam is to avoid lifestyle-related health risk.  It’s to encourage movement, help manage stress and to track progress along the way.

If your always on the go, like me. Being able to dip in a gym anywhere is pretty awesome.  The convenience to workout close to home or with friends at another facility helps me stay motivated. It’s a really good program to help you achieve personal fitness goals without gym restrictions.

How to Check for Gym Benefits?

1. Check your insurance provider website for discounts that promote health.

2. Key words like “Preventive Care” or “Gym Membership” trigger offerings, call to see what’s available.

3. Don’t be restricted by a gym, movement can be done anywhere.

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