Hey Everyone,

I have this exciting announcement previously posted on BuffaloRising.com that introduces me as a collaborator and  editor for healthy living. This joint venture is unique for Buffalo because no other publication has welcomed a women of color to spear head a full digital relationship that celebrates diversity in the city. That’s Huge!

Will it be easy because it’s a popular site that has a large audience? No, Buffalo has not seen anyone that looks like me and lives life aggressively speaking about healthy living on a large platform. This does not mean it can’t be. What I’m willing to do in this position is put myself out there for women and be introduce as an advocate for change. There will be some people who think I don’t deserve such an opportunity but I’m here to  say, people don’t get to tell your life story and deep down inside they wish it was them.  As the first of many accomplishments, I’m excited to be apart of the Buffalo Rising team.

Content from the article explains “Launching next month is our podcast and video series where we will interview business and community leaders to find out what inspires them, and ask how they achieve balance in their lives. In addition, we will meet up with health-focused organizations of all sizes, to introduce you to new and empowering ways to live a healthier more mindful life in Buffalo, NY.”

As, the first and youngest African-American Women to open a juice bar in the city of Buffalo, I ‘ve met a lot of people. Being the first African-American Women on the cover of  WNY Healthy Living Magazine you may have seen my story. My wellness practice within the community provides space and opportunity to introduce myself and by chance we may have met. I’ll use all these encounters to develop a clear view on what it means to have a healthier Buffalo.

With so many first, God saw me fit no matter how the opportunity came. Let my first attempts be the push to let someone else through the door. Remember, it’s not how you start but how you finish.  

I’m looking forward to building more authentic relations within the community.  Check out my BuffaloRising.com story and I ‘ll see you at the wellness  conference!

Live  Well,