Why don’t we ride the animals? Simply because it’s abuse. I’m going to speak in the space of traveling and doing certain excursion that involve interaction with the animals. There’s other spaces we should be aware of but today  I’ll elaborate on this space because I’m coming off my trip around South East Asia and that was full of animal experiences. Some of them I was comfortable with and some I wasn’t. However, I took this as an opportunity to educate and help the next person understand why this is a big deal.

The reason why it’s abuse and a big deal is because animals experience pain the same way humans do and in most cases they aren’t given the choice to choose who’s invited into their space. Forcefully touching, riding, feeding, sexing or selling a human is abuse and illegal.  On the flip side when we take our human azz to another country to touch the dolphins, ride the elephants, feed the monkeys and pet the tigers at institutions putting them on the “Black Market”to kill or sell is wrong but not illegal. Why? The experience is paid for and no one gets in trouble for transactions that are on the hush when it involves animals.

Now some people are told.. they’re here because we give them food, shelter and compassion. That’s Crap! Unless you are visiting an animal rescue or sanctuary their previous environment was their natural habitat. No animal was set free to go home after they gave you a ride or you feed them to discuss coming back the next day like.. “I have to go to work tomorrow and let these humans ride me so I can pay these bills and get feed.” These beings were in their natural environment, someone removed them and found a way to profit selfishly by adding the human experience.  Sounds familiar, right.. like slavery, trafficking or even rape.

Yes, this is a real question that I hope provided insight into why people in the vegan community do it for the animals. Although this is only a small piece of  a larger discussion that I believe includes all beings. The goal is to understand the limited voice of animals and how they are silenced during suffering.

There’s a lot of people want to understand the vegan community but they shy away from topics like this because the response seems like dark reality. Humans have a hard time with accepting the truth as we think to know it but if you approach all experiences with compassion for all beings the light becomes more visible. With that being said I’ll give you some insight into the pictures you did see on my Instagram and those you didn’t because I wanted to provide detail on my personal experience..

While I was in Thailand as you know I visited the elephant sanctuary and loved it because they were free and happy. Then a surprise monkey experience happened, we all thought it was just a speed boat excursion to various islands and BOOM the guide tells us we’re stopping at monkey island and don’t fuq with them. My eyes questioned “Why are we going” and I get on the boat that stops at an island where monkeys live and roam free. Visitors are welcomed, especially if you have banana but that can cause a scene, so get your picture and let them be. Next my friend wants to see the tigers. I’m a ride or die chick so I’m not letting her go alone. My cousin is scary but we came as group so it’s going down as a group.  We arrive at this place called “Tiger Kingdom”.

On the outside looking in you can see the tigers walking around. Once you sign the waiver to enter the cage where multiple tigers are (huge enclosed area) some were walking around freely but others looked sedated.  Either way I was still shook and wanted no part of this but again we a team. I asked about lazy tigers  and was told they’re hot and some where resting or sleep. It made me sad because I didn’t  know how much truth it was to that but I could see how this is possible in a human environment, especially those tigers born into captivity.  Quickly, I decided to do some research on tiger kingdom and found information from a volunteers who confirmed drugging isn’t allowed and if they were for more than 1 hour daily that could be extremely harmful. This didn’t change my idea that tigers belong in the wild but it helped me understand their human interaction.

Still upset I spotted a roaming tiger who looked hungry and I say to the guide.. Look if I’m taking a picture you’re letting me do it with the free and curious looking tiger, I’m not messing with anyone resting or sleeping. Ya’ll to get that picture this man basically dangles meat in front of the tiger to distract him from me. I was scared and got out of that cage immediately!  I Will Never Ever In My Life Visit Tiger Kingdom Again, Exploiting Animals Is Wrong.  In this case there’s no right or wrong.  Tigers are becoming extinct due to the “Black Market” and at “Tiger Kingdom” they are some what safe but it cost to be in captivity. We shouldn’t be there and they shouldn’t be here, period.

The compassion I have for animals today wasn’t expected but through curiosity I see things in a different light.

Leave questions, share this with someone and Be Kind!

Live Well,