Snacks are one of those interesting vegan topics where people think you don’t have options. Honestly, if you’re vegan and want a candy bar, cupcake or cookie they’re available. However, what were looking at here is the healthier option.  Simply swapping a cookie for a vegan cookie doesn’t make it the better choice. It’s a change in your lifestyle that promotes better living.

What I encourage people do is buy more whole foods, eat less processed foods this avoids health complications later. Now this sort of lifestyle is becoming mainstream because documentaries are providing insight into the food industry tactics. Suppliers are getting nervous as more people adopt plant-based living and they’re adding vegan options to their product line. Which doesn’t make it better, just convenient.

I believe helping you learn the basics in transitioning will transfer to understanding what’s on the market today. As we journey into the new year you’ll see more post like this. If you love it share it out!

These options are easy to make and It doesn’t matter your level of comfort in the kitchen. The idea was to provide provide three delicious easy and healthy snack ideas you can make at home in 5 minutes.

  1. Celery and Nut Butter – It’s so simple and you there’s no way you can get it wrong. Simply slice you’re celery stalk to make sticks and portion out the peanut-butter or nut-butter for a quick healthy snack.

  2. Popcorn  – No ones popping popcorn anymore and it saddens me that some popcorn brands on the market have milk as an ingredient. I recommend taking 5  minutes to pop some popcorn and season with you favorite flavoring (i.e. Cajun) or plant-based butter for a quick snack.

  3. Chia seed pudding w/Fruit- Super easy for a super food. I literally takes 5 minutes for the chia seeds to thicken once in your plant-based milk of choice. Top with your sweet berries or your favorite fruit and you have a delicious snack.

Share if this was helpful and let me know what other snacks you find quick and delicious!

Live Well,