Every month I attend this comedy show called “Friday Night Laughs” and this month Deon Cole was the headliner.  To be honest , I didn’t recognize him from the promo pictures but I did say he was fine (Don’t Judge Me). I was going anyways to let my money circulate in the community.

I also saw this as a perfect opportunity to address the elephant in the room. He lost a lot of weight and it serves him well.  When I finally got it together on who he was (previous work). I became interested in his lifestyle change and wondered if this would be part of the show. 

It was and he did drop a meat joke..which even my vegan azz found funny.  The weekend weight loss efforts were hilarious because that’s how people really want to transform.  It didn’t feel weird if you had no idea what he was talking about because the knowledge was described as blessings that you may have to think about later.

I knew what he was saying (MAYBE) so I’m going to help you if it didn’t register.

1.       Free Range Chicken – He said someone took him to a free range farm but the meat cost too much so give him the crazy chickens.
a.       Factory farming is an unhealthy process. I discuss this on my YouTube channel feel free to check it out.

2.       Gym Memberships – He said women are investing too much in their hair and men don’t care. He recommended you buy a gym membership and go with your natural self. (I might have butchered it but something like that)
a.       It takes time to learn your outer appearance investment doesn’t contribute to overall health of loving yourself and being healthy. So get that $9.99 membership today or start an at home workout program to do both.

3.       Plastic Bags – He did pay homage to the fact that we (black people) do recycle. We hold on to some grocery store plastic bags and use them for everything!
a.       Prior to shower caps, before small garbage bags, before umbrellas were invented.  We recycled, reduce and reused to close that loop. Yesss my people!

Overall, I had a great time. The room “aww” when Deon Cole set was over.  That moment was amazing and I want you to find something that brings laughter to your spirit.  Don’t be hurt by pain, find a release in laughter.

Please like Deon Cole and Friday Night Laughs Facebook pages for more information. I hope to see you at the next one! 

If You Don’t Laugh At My Jokes It Means You’re Reevaluating Life.
-Deon Cole

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