21 Day Veg Challenge

Throw ya hands up, Throw ya hands up!! That’s the energy I feel on the 21 Day Veg Challenge. It’s like the hype man for a hip hop artist is walking behind you at every moment telling you to Live on dem leafy greens fa life.

That’s exactly what the challenge is.. A life of “No Meat” for 21 days to provide clarity, discipline and dedication to a healthier life. Literally when I’m on this challenge my energy is threw the roof, my skin glows, my waist comes in and I get so much stuff done. It’s amazing how food affects your daily life.

How we’re feeding ourselves contributes to how we want the day to go. It’s really a no harming process… That I guide you threw for 21 days. It’s not easy but you don’t have to go through it alone. You’ll be provided with a support group via Facebook to discuss the journey with others, access to this group is lifetime. Daily emails, eJournal and weekly videos to help you understand what a veg life is about.

You’re taught how to manage time with meal prepping, your given a guide to shop in the grocery store, recipes to help you get started and support to stay motivated. You really get a ton of engagement within the 21 Days but can always upgrade to a one-on-one service during or after the challenge to keep the momentum. Who’s ready to get started?

Sign up here to Change your mind and Change your life with me on the 21 Day Veg Challenge!