Well this is exciting!  I’m so happy to offer a premier personal shopping service for clients looking to incorporate a healthy dairy free, egg free and meat free foods into the household. You see I get a lot of questions around shopping at the grocery store, staying committed to what the house needs and knowing what to buy. Honestly it will make you crazy if you have to think about it and I understand why it’s not on the top priority list for managing the household. Let me explain…

Today there’s so much information on the internet and who really wants to research these days! We are regular people trying to navigate in this world not doctors..Pshh they do the research for us, right? You know they tell us what’s in the food, what not to buy and how to store it to keep everything fresh without waste (side eye). You know there’s a prescription for it. Now don’t get me wrong, I need my wellness visits annually and I don’t miss them but I ain’t never got a script to live healthier. I digress..

Reason number two is we have a sluggish board of food easily accessible to us. Living in excess and grabbing based on instant gratification is easier than reading food labels to see what’s in the food than making a list, checking it twice for naughty or nice. I mean who wants to do that? De raises hand, jumps up and down, pick me, pick me, let me do it!  No really, I want to be on your team healthy not only because it’s my job. I made this commitment a long time ago (Juice bar days) to increasing the knowledge of the people my top priority. Helping the community manage a healthy holistic lifestyle was my mission statement before it became cool to be healthy. Okay in my mind it’s cool.

You see I’m deeply concerned about how our grandparents and great-grandparents ate. I feel like this concept is becoming extinct and what we should eat verses what we like to eat is more important.  Honestly I don’t know why this connection is being dismissed because we as the people are seeing and increase with diseases, infections and deteriorating health without warning, cures (allegedly) and compassion for the people.

Looking at labels and talking about food makes me happy and it’s easier for me to dismiss the crazy because I am the lifestyle. My journey is all about eating and eating to live a life  of clarity. I honestly had to take care of myself before I could help anyone else. If you’re at the point where you need help, check out my premier personal shopping service and become a member of my online recipe community as well. There’s perks to the service and that why I offer the Premier Personal Shopping Experience!

You checked it and an maybe this service isn’t in the budget right now but you still need help, simply download my free shopping guide on Living Well with DeChantell website and get a general idea of what to shop for today. See I’m committed to the community!

I Want You To Be Aware!

What we put inside our bodies helps us to function and live our daily life.

Live Well,