Eating Well with DeChantell


Eating Well with DeChantell provides one-on-one support to help You maintain a Healthy Lifestyle.

Clients are taught how to make healthy choices in the supermarket or at home with customized plans, online support and success calls. Both services are specific to your needs and we communicate frequently to measure the outcome.

I love teaching people how to shop for food and/or meal prep successfully. It’s an 80/20 rule, that is only effective if you do the work and commit to a lifestyle change. – DeChantell

We can also provide Personal Services to balance the details..

A Premier Personal Shopping Experience or
In-Home-Pantry Makeover.

Life is about balance and I don’t expect anyone to be 100% all the time but I do expect you to have a better relationship with food.

                                                           If You’re ready, then I’m ready to work with You!

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                                                            Space is open for February 2017 one-on-ones.