If you follow me on Instagram then you know I reference my rap name sometimes “Gangsta Veg’ lol. No I’m not a rapper, I just inspire to be a one hit wonder who raps about veggies. This is my name forever and it fits my personality so well. My life is all things veggies and I’m so excited to finally have a garden in the hood!!!

I’m home from this crazy traveling and I started the process of building and planting my garden. It’s been a task on my list for about 2 years. I purchased land as a birthday gift to myself last year to start the process. It was definitely a push from my mom unintentionally. She owns land and I asked her if I could build and plant on her plots. This lady who gave birth to me said “no get your own land”. That’s exactly what I did with an attitude and my mom helped me along the way so I can’t be all the way mad at her.

I knew the land to purchase was across from my moms house in the neighborhood I grew up in. I picked two plots near her so she could watch my garden when I’m not there.  I also thought it was cool to own what was once my stomping ground.

My process began by purchasing land from my city auction in October and I want to thank my mom who made sure I got what I wanted and that I had all the resources to do so. I was so nervous but I walked out with plans in my hand. Now the warm weather hits which brings me to today and development begins!

I had no idea that my traveling schedule was going to be this hectic and I would start planting late. So I asked a hood carpenter to help me because I was already behind schedule.

Now let me explain a hood carpenter, it’s just someone out here in the neighbor hood fixing stuff in the community for the low low. My dad was a hood carpenter and he also worked for a construction company in his lifetime. He wasn’t about the man cutting the check for his skills, plus he built my juice bar along with this hood carpenter who get’s me every time. I can’t with him and I’ll explain why lol, I love my blog but it’s true life for me.

Okay, Martin (carpenter) comes to start building my raised beds. I purchased the material from home depot (wood, nails, dirt, wire fencing, weed block) we in the street building. Do you know this dude didn’t have a staple gun to finish my bottom. I’m like okay when are you coming back, he’s like Monday which was in two days because we started on Saturday and he doesn’t work on Sunday. Ninjas have the nerve to want rest without finishing, I’m so over him.

Raised Beds Garden

Alright, I call homeboy (Martin) on Monday! Like dude when are you coming? I need to start planting and your putting me further behind schedule. I’m boss about my veg life and around this time I was blowing up his phone all day.

He goes ohhhhh you know I didn’t get it, blah blah blah I can’t hear him at this point. I call him a couple more times over the next few days and I’m over him. I decide to go buy a staple gun for about $20, Yesss, that’s it and I’m like why the hell didn’t I do that at first. This could have saved me a headache and a the jail charge I almost got from dealing with Martin.

My mom comes through again and helps me staple the bottom together because I honestly had no clue how to use that staple gun and I didn’t care because no man stops my flow. I was determined and here it is Ta Dah!

I’m going to get Martin

Now there’s a part two to this story and stay posted for how I needed to build the remaining three beds for the land that did and didn’t happen.

I’ll break down cost, process and how I plan to build with the community on this project.

How would you have handled this situation? Do you think I did to much

Live Well,