As a vegan and a mom, we always dread Halloween because you want to take the kids to parties, trick or treating and let them pass out candy in class but at the same time you’ve adapted a lifestyle that doesn’t support the use of animal products. So how does a parent get around this? First of all let the kids dress up and gather the candy. You as the parent have the control and can set the standards on how this experience will go.

Our intentions to let our kids participate are good we know that. I encourage you to be mindful of the ingredients by reading labels and ensuring there’s no animal products in the sweet treats brought home or given out. You do this by discarding any candy with dairy, refined sugar, honey, gelatin (produced with animal skin, tendons, cartilage and/or bones), carmine color (red pigment from the crushed female cochineal insect) and confectioners glaze also called shellac (made from the resinous excretions of certain insects).

If you find this difficult and time consuming my suggestion would be to purchase the vegan friendly candy below and allow the kids to have a treat every now in then.. they don’t have to know it wasn’t in the bag. #Trick

  1. Swedish Fish (Biggest Surprise)

2. Dum Dums (Sour Apple my favorite)

3. Smarties (80’s babies) candy

If you found this helpful share it out and let me know how your Halloween went!

Live Well,