Heyyyyyy, go head it’s my birthday, Scorpio it’s your birthday. Go, go, go (insert booty shake).

No seriously, this post will be short but fun and to the point.  I’m elated to turn a year older, to be living and full of peace and prosperity. I LOVE BIRTHDAYS it celebrates life!

This is a big deal for me because it’s the start of my new year and I become new and born again. I feel like it’s my coming out celebration to reevaluate life and determine how I want to spend the coming year. So I’ll share my process with you and feel free to spread the love.

  • I start the day by picking my affirmation for the year, sometimes it doesn’t come that day.
  • I go inward to be fully aware of every single thing occurring that day.
  • I reflect on my pre-birthday turn up, which this year was supporting my friends and ensuring we grow together. I usually go hard on this 30 days prior to my birthday.
  • 30 days after my birthday, I ensure my self evaluation is complete and actionable.

I hope this helps any birthday blues and Happy Born Day to all my Scorpio brothers and sisters!

Live Well,