Have you ever wanted to spend at least 20 minutes alone in a comfortable space, catered to you for a rejuvenating and pampering experience?  Ummm Yes! Then keep reading because I’m sharing my amazing journey visiting the #1 Bathhouse in Hot Springs, Arkansas called theQuapaw Bath & Spa which happens to be 1 of 8 historic bathhouses stationed together on the iconic Central Ave. in Hot Springs, Arkansas the home of our 42nd President Bill Clinton. 

Nooo I didn’t see him but immediately when you pull up to this classic Spanish Colonial Revival style structure, finished with stucco and built in 1922, you can’t help but feel like you have stepped back into a moment in time when healing yourself was a way of life and getting what you needed out of it was easy.  You see back in the day.. your momma knew exactly where to send you if something was a little off.

That’s what personally drew me to the Quapaw Spa, my maternal Grandmother believing in the healing properties (not an imbalance lol). She would always talk about, “getting these baths”  and raved about how hot and how wonderful the water was, saying things like “there is no water like the Hot Springs mineral water in Arkansas.”  I have to admit too being a little skeptical at first but later became very curious. So one day I looked it up and discovered, the water literally comes from springs in the ground and is said to have healing powers.

Of course my curiosity became more intense after researching, as if my grandmother telling me wasn’t enough (love our elders). That’s why when an opportunity came up to visit, I decided to go and try it out. Okay.. It wasn’t an opportunity but a family reunion in Pine Bluff, Arkansas that tempted me to get in my car and drive up.  While there I drove to Little Rock, AR and then traveled 45 minutes to southwest into Hot Springs (I recommend if you decide to visit Hot Springs, AR….fly into Little Rock, AR.) and had the most amazing Spa experience of my life!

Quapaw Bath & Spa
Quapaw Bath & Spa


Yes, my life..Quapaw Bath & Spa is my favorite thus far (in full disclosure, I have not tried all 8 bath houses on the “Bathhouse Row” to give an objective opinion) and one thing I love about this spa is that despite some renovations, this Spa has maintained the essence of the original décor and design.  They offer many services including massages (I love the hot stone massage), facials, body treatments, thermal pools, steam cave and my #1 reason for attending…the PRIVATE BATHS.  The Private Bath experience on the surface will appear to be like a typical jacuzzi bath in a real marble tub, until your private bath attendant closes your door and immerse your body into the hot mineral water.  When I say, “CALGON take me away…baby for the next 20-30 minutes you will experience a “little slice of heaven” for “a little bit of green”.

The actual bath is $40.00 but you can add all types of aroma therapy bath salts, I added lavender, eucalyptus and a special muscle relaxer blend (the bath salts are an additional $8-10 a piece) worth every penny.  You are given a robe, bath shoes, 2 cups of lemon water (for cleansing) and a golden bell to ring your bathroom attendant as needed.  After your bath, it is recommended that you cool down in the designated stain glass window atrium area, where you can meditate, read, or just sit quietly.

I travel 95% of the year and I go to Spas all over the country but none of the Spas have the Hot Springs, AR. healing mineral water.  I encourage you to take time out of your “busy” life to unplug.  It is vitally important that we all invest and replenish our “storehouses,” as we constantly give of ourselves to others.

Thank you for reading F.L.G. Morrow

(Guest Blogger)