Helloooooo! I’m here and happy that you are here and we are going to discuss #GiveTheGiftOfWellness. I love that hashtag by the way. Not because I’m wellness but because it’s a feel good gift.  Let’s be honest, we’ve received some stuff where it was like, this is for who? Although, we remained grateful a resource on what to buy someone on a journey to live a healthier lifestyle would be nice. My family doesn’t know how to feed me or shop for me. Let this be encouragement of the struggle. lol This is not only for you but I hope they read this too and understand me a little better. I also believe cash is golden and we take that too!

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!


This list is to provide eco-friendly recommendations for the guy or gal in your life and to encourage purchasing local as well. Please use this post as an easy place of reference and don’t go broke, we on a budget.


1. Gym Membership – Right now the gym knows your desires and deals are happening ($9.99 per month) grab them now to start right away. They are waiving contracts, fees and adding value to programs.

2. Yoga Studio Membership – There’s normally a 10 to 20 class deal at a studio for first timers. Yoga has become very popular and people are curious on the lifestyle but won’t actually go. Give them the push and grab that class pass!

3. Personal Trainer and/or Private Yoga Sessions – It can be intimidating to go into the gym or yoga studio. Everyone looks like they been there awhile and no one wants to look like a resolution (new). Purchase private sessions with a personal trainer or yoga teacher to have that one-on-one time until you feel comfortable.

1. Book Bundles – I spent $80 in the book store recently, I wish a gift card was in my possession! You can make this gift personal by purchasing a book from a local author and attach a gift card for Amazon,  iTunes or a major/local book store so they can pick their own authors to indulge in. Wow, bundle that together and you’re pouring into someone’s mental development, plus supporting local.

2. Influencers Packages – Inspirational and motivational influencers have followings because they are building people up mentally to be better than yesterday. People who follow them want this instantly and you can buy into a program that allow you to interact with them personally or digitally. Find who your loved one follows consistently and buy a package that get’s them closer to waking up and winning every day into the new year.

3. Music Streaming – So many positive messages are in music, I’m loving the indie scene right now and there are some mainstream artist who didn’t compromise the message for self (check out my blog on Solange ) to be popularized. We love those people and gift them to us. Purchase downloads,  personalize a playlist and send it to them or a subscription to an online music streaming service would be nice. If they love certain type of music, it can be heard all the time, without ads, commercials and that other stuff that gets in-between our vibe!


1. Vacation – Show me a person who doesn’t love a getaway, tag them right now. This is the best gift ever! A time to unwind, relax and go somewhere beautiful. #1 gift on my list and guess what. It doesn’t have to be the whole all inclusive trip, I take airline gift cards, hotel stays, and Uber credit. Whatever, help me get there!

2. Engagement Planners – Part of that $80 book spree was a planner. This is such and important tool for someone who is busy, who loves the accountability and control of being in control, of their day. This could be the thing that keeps someone going. That’s why it is very important to link personality to a planner, when looking for someone. Goal diggers think a planner is the ultimate gift. #TrustMe

3. Mentorship – Someone gave me their time and I’m so grateful.  I really chased them down like a dog and forced them to, but if you are in the position to be encouragement to someone else, do it.  It’s going to cause you to give your time, energy and maybe resource but no money. Please help someone along the way. This is a huge gift that will give back!

Living Well Tribe, I encourage you this holiday season to find inspiration, that does not ruin the budget but inspire a healthy lifestyle. Be sure to like our Facebook page and share the hashtag #GiveTheGiftOfWellness!

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