What Workout is Best For Me?

Top of the year and your mind is racing to start a healthier lifestyle.

You’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin, right? Here’s the deal…

Every fitness trainer, health coach, wellness site and gym wants you to invest in their program (including me).   While it all sounds nice and beneficial to your health. You have to evaluate what will work best for you.

Let’s use college courses as an example for finding the right fitness program. I remember taking a microeconomics lecture in college and failed the class terribly. However, when I accessed why I failed.                It was because his style of lecturing didn’t work for me. I signed up to take the same course online and was able to complete all test at my own pace. This worked for me, I passed with an A or B (can’t recall) and received credits for the course.

My failure had nothing to do with the  professor. He had the credentials to teach and other students passed the class with no issues.  I wasn’t learning in this setting,  I had to find another way to stimulate my mind and motivate me to receive college credit.

You can utilize the same concept when evaluating working out at home verses the gym.

Here’s some tips to help you along the way!

1. Write down previous workouts that did not motivate you and why. Don’t go back to them!
2. Write down a workout you enjoyed doing and fully completed no matter how tired you were. Start Here!
3. The workout you enjoyed put it on your schedule to do once a week for one month.
4. Month two try a new workout, add it in your weekly plan. If you don’t like the new workout, take your current workout to twice a week.
5. Month three try a new workout, add it in your weekly plan. If you don’t like the new workout, take your current workout to three times a week.

Truth is mentally you have to find a program that works for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This means you may go before a ton of trainers, buy into home programs and pay for gym memberships that fail. Please be encouraged and mentally prepared to keep going or attend my New Year, Be You Wellness Conference January 9, 2016 to demo workouts and see if any of the trainers motivate you.

No way you can fail, with my 3 month plan above!