I’ve always been a supporter of the arts and appreciate any local artist creativity. Whether it’s painting, music, clothing, dancing etc…  If you craft something authentic using your imagination, love and skills to express yourself. I’m here for it, invite me and I’ll show up!

I also think it’s a good way to explore a new city, inspire your OWN creativity or stay active during the winter weather in Buffalo. Cool people come out during the winter to vibe. That was my thing to do.. It really started when I had a brick and mortar for my juice bar. Giving artist a space and place to express themselves made me happy. That’s how the artistic community came to know me as supporter and lover of art. I enjoy the look, listen and create scene.

So this year I decided, let’s take this up a notch and hit some galleries. We have the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo and every first Friday there’s a free entry sponsored by M&T Bank. You can also pre-register for art classes (fees may occur), catch a free concert in the gallery or attend an artist lecture to learn more about an exhibit. Sounds, awesome right?

These are the things I do to keep my mind active and ensure I stay creative. I believe we as people have to find ways to keep learning. Especially now, I’m feeding people that knowledge is the key to success and a lot of successful people you know of today struggled to express themselves. Sometimes it killed them and we can’t let all that hard work be forgotten. That’s why you have to support local and main stream artist.

Seeing people who made and who’s trying to make it, keeps me going. That’s the creativity that influences me. Thank you for reading and share your influence in the comments or simply share this blog if your inspired.

Live Well