May of 2015 I remember contacting BikeOrBar asking if we could collaborate and do something together to benefit an organization. I sent some ideas and one of them was a hip hop spin class I came across, taught by Keith Thompson of KTX Fitness.  I asked the owner if that was something we could do thinking on a less intense level and they said of course!  I played myself, this class was not less intensive and my body wasn’t ready.  I sat in the car for 30 minutes after… like what just happened. I mean it felt good, the class was amazing and my guest enjoyed themselves so much that I hosted another session. However, my mind did not sync up with the body on preparation.

Thank goodness the second class was easier. I was more prepared from taking classes in between. Hand, body coordination and getting my wind up was important to me.  Instructors Britt and MJ are a powerful tag team on those bikes. Their classes can be intense and nothing to take as light, so be prepared to work for it.  I suggest you check out the schedule on their website and visit one of many fitness classes they have going on.  Every Friday is Hip Hop Spin and they know how to make a good playlist that keeps you engaged.

I’m not sure if they did it before I reached out but I do remember Britt saying it was a lot of work to pull something like that off and I’m glad they were open to collaborating. That class is popular so I wasn’t surprised when BikeOrBar 4th year anniversary party brought in a special guest to host a 2 Day event with a sold out crowd. 

Yes, Mr. KTX Fitness himself Keith Thompson was the guest instructor for BikeOrBar Birthday! I can’t assume we are all aware of the viral wipe me down spinning instructor, but I will say you are missing out on a good time. I’m not the girl to be in a club twerking, throwing my hands up and carrying on but I’ll do it at the gym lol. Don’t judge me; we all have a common goal to get our heart rate up by increasing intensity during this workout.  Whatever it takes, I’m down.  Check out this video below, without judgement.  Then finish reading my review on his class in Buffalo, plus find out when he’ll be back.

IT WAS AMAZING!  The playlist was on point.  I’ll never listen to Chris Brown “Back to Sleep”  the same. It just don’t feel right without the slide left, slide right and roll to the front.  Nobody pays you any attention if you can’t dance. You’ll be so busy trying to petal. Besides anybody can do a body roll and one hand up move.

You go at your own pace but with his energy how can you not want to keep up.  Thank goodness I’m in better shape than I was a year ago.  Instead of sitting in the car trying to gather my life, I actually went to yoga class right after.  That doesn’t mean it wasn’t intense I just have this thing for working out.

So by now you’re probably wondering when he’s coming back to Buffalo and Rock the Bike? BikeOrBar dropped the news last week and the dates are July 16th and 17th of 2016.  Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite and I recommend you get them early.  Also, bring extra cash to purchase a KTX Fitness shirt. We took pictures with them on and you don’t want to be the odd ball, looking like you didn’t come to fully support the movement.

I’ll post pictures on Instagram but share this with someone, who may be interested in attending.

I hope to see you there!

Live Well,