So I turned  35 this year and I planned the most epic 3 week trip around the world. Catching 15 flights going from Buffalo to Los Angeles, then back home to switch bags and catch another flight in less than 24hrs to explore South East Asia because doing everything that makes me happy is important, okay. Truth be told I didn’t plan this as my big 35 trip it kind of happened gracefully. Like an all purpose driven experience summoned to me by God and it went a little something like this..

December of 2016 I started with a vision board and honestly I forgot this year would be the year of all ages I’ve been  waiting for, I’ll explain more on this later. Let’s focus on the vision board that outlined my financial, business, travel and personal goals. This board had me bi-coastal all year and traveling to South East Asia the later part of the year and I ain’t even know it (RIck Ross Voice) I just wrote the desires of my heart.

Now I had to do some work on my end but the vision was plain and written. I wanted different this year, more soul searching experiences and it was all about me listening to the universe and being present in every moment to hear from God. My vision board which is on the refrigerator and we all know I stay in there, was a reminder to keep working.

I can not stress enough the importance of vision boards. Year-over-year I hit the 80% mark with minimal effort and 90% if I go back at least twice a year to look it over. Being specific on what I wanted in 2017 was key. For example, I wrote “Vacation in Bali, Thailand and Cuba” I went to Bali and the picture above is my Born-day in Thailand (Oct 28th). I’m truly blessed because it was a show out year with a few bruises but discipline kept me focused.  On this day I realized this was the year and age that I dreamed about and there’s no other place I’ll rather be, than here.

So at 25, I planned 35 in my head.. I don’t recommend you do that but know this vision has always stayed with me and as I’ve grown over the years to nurture it, there’s always been a guide to keep it. Now at 35 I have to write that vision and attack it 100% and take no shorts.

First of all.. I counted 10 years ago that my daughter would graduate from high school when I was 35 and I would leave and travel all over the world. This would be the year I could start planning my life around me and to release her with guidance. That was step one and it’s not easy but I’ve started the process and began writing 35 things I’ve held in my heart to do at 35. Who knew what I was holding in my heart all this time was manifesting in present day. Wow!

As I begin this process I’ll use this list as a tool for my 2018 vision board and some things may seem easy to accomplish, silly  or interesting to others but it’s my truth. I’ll mark them off as I achieve them and I want you to know the process of working on me is not easy. Sharing my vision is not easy, I’m a very private person and a lot of it has to do with my people experiences but this blog is changing and growing. I have to be more open with living to help someone in whatever way.

Don’t give up on yourself or your dreams.  Year 35, 2017/2018 is important to me because I promised God this year I would go after everything he gave me and speak everything that is on my mind and heart.

Whew, trusting you! #LiveWellDe

  1. Get closer to God
  2. Continue to work on self
  3. Spend more time experiencing things with my daughter
  4. Let LOVE find me
  5. Purchase a 7 day minimalist wardrobe
  6. Wear the 7 day minimalist wardrobe once a month
  7. Hire maid service to clean the house, auto-pay it.
  8. Travel to South Africa
  9. Document  my grandmother ancestry.
  10. Learn a new language
  11. Drop my album
  12. Build a greenhouse
  13. Publish my book
  14. Post on YouTube channel at least twice a month
  15. Work with men on wellness goals (mental wellness)
  16. Change Career full-time
  17. Enroll in higher education program
  18. Put money into a black bank
  19. Transfer to black primary doctor
  20. Transfer to a black dentist
  21. Reorganize my assistant task
  22. Remove two expenses and find a better vendor
  23. Attend a festival, fun and network
  24. Collaborate more
  25. Do more service work
  26. Give Back to my community
  27. Bi-coastal
  28. Sit on a board
  29. Clean up all business paperwork
  30. Work on my daughter business list
  31. Make my house my home
  32. Increase financial goals and hit the mark
  33. Triple my reading accomplishments
  34. Get dressed when you go outside
  35. Go for everything and take no sh*t!