Those that know me.. okay you all know me by now. I’m always talk about giving, giving more, and giving some more. Why? Because I believe that if you give selflessly it will come back tenfold.

It is within my nature to give without a second thought – a reflex if you will. I often give and do not expect anything back. However, it is usually at these times that I am amazingly and surprisingly blessed. Like a couple of weeks ago when I purchased flowers for a friend and the next day I received a beautiful bouquet or when I left a store but turned back around to purchase a cell phone cord and charger for a young man who only had enough money for food and didn’t want to return it, my blessing doubled back real nice.

If you think it’s not real, check out the people who release the most excitement and joy daily. Ask them if they are living and giving from a place of enough. Growth is an amazing feeling when you are able to operate outside of yourself and walk into a light brighter than your own, while viewing the world with eyes brighter than your own.

Okay, I know it’s not all glitter and roses in these streets and some people may not have extra funds sitting around to give but there are other ways to pour into others, outside of your pockets. You can give Love, Peace and Kindness everyday and it cost you nothing but to look outside yourself and see who needs it at that moment.

Now on the flip side, it may not be a reflex for some to give freely. This was actually a conversation with my cousin on “selfless” acts and she simply stated some people are not raised to be giving. What!? It goes back to who raised you. Okay, I could see that and realized I seldom think about people on the opposite end of the spectrum – the ones that struggle with being selfless and shouldn’t be judged but taught how to approach things with compassion.

Would you classify yourself as a selfish person?  Would you like to change that?  If so, here are a few tips on how you make subtle changes in your life that can help you become more selfless and in turn invite blessing after blessing into your life:

(1)   Give From the Heart – When giving something, always feel good about it.  Never give with resentment or a disingenuous heart because you will in turn block your own blessings.  When you give, it should be effortless and heartfelt so the receiver can thoroughly appreciate the gift to use it with their best intent.

(2)   Give Without Expectations – Sometimes you’re rewarded immediately after selflessly giving, sometimes you aren’t.  You should never give with expectations.

(3)   Operate With Gratitude – Operating with gratitude will cause you to give more freely because you know that you’re giving nature will yield a great return – an abundant return. In essence, when you’re already grateful for what you have, you’re bound to receive more.

Even the giving have to revisit interactions with people who appear to be selfish, normally it’s a write off but I’ve put up with a few acts. Not for long though… Some people mistake kindness for a weakness but it’s compassion when people open their heart to you.

In closing, I wish you a selfless, peaceful, and abundant day.

Live Well,