The Relax

I’ve been building on hosting a retreat for over 2 years and it took some time for me to develop the concept. I had to become secure mentally and financially to host it.  I also had to go through some stuff in order to experience and appreciate the place I now call home to Relax, Reset and Retreat. 

It wasn’t easy but I’m glad to have taken time for myself to Relax, attended retreats, and said yes when I really wanted to say no to facilitating workshops, for other people retreats. I didn’t want to compromise my vison based on another persons experience but I’m grateful to have done it and appreciate all the host who invited me. The “Yes” exposed me, built my resume and networking connections with other wellness experts through out the country. I saw people fail, succeed, complain and benefit from hosting their own retreats. You have to be open to the process of whatever it is you’re trying to do or you could possibly miss what is being built for you.

Living on the inside helped me understand this was going to take a lot of work and resources in order to successfully complete this project.  During the process I hit so many road blocks, the most memorable one was being turned away from a recommended location where I wanted to house my retreat (Their Loss). I didn’t complain, I knew all of this was preparation for my purpose.  I didn’t question the delay or timing. I kept holding it in my heart and repeating I have to get my retreat up and then this happened…

I was talking to my friend on the phone, we were having one of our many.. deep conversations about the world crumbling (Yup that’s how we see it). This particular night we focused on the human rights of Haitians and how being a descendent meant being violated. Some people were being forced out of the only place they knew as home (Dominican Republic) because of where they originated from. Right in the middle of our conversation she was like “De” your retreat needs to be in Haiti. With no reservation, I said you’re “Right” we should be in Haiti because I was angry.  I vowed not to step foot on the Dominican Republican soil for obvious reasons at least until I visited Haiti. I figured my resources could be utilized better where they needed them most. Research began immediately and I knew the time was right when I stumbled upon this amazing treehouse three hours away from Port Au Prince. I could not stop day dreaming about this space and how cool it would be to live in it.

The Reset

I stalked the property for months! The lights were solar powered, house compost, wood furniture, no internet, no television, prepared meals, secluded away to be one with nature (not to one with nature).  I thought this was too good to be true. It was everything I put out into the universe and I personally felt ready because I had so much support throughout the process.    No more day dreaming, go after it!

Finally, I booked it and the retreat sold out less than 2 weeks from being advertised. I was nervous, grateful and overwhelmed that so many people trusted my vision, not knowing what I had to go through to get here.  The Reset of believing I could do this no matter what was put in front of me. The Reset was people telling me NO and having to start the process back over again. I literally felt like this place was sitting here waiting for me to find it. I was officially ready to live off the grid and share my life with others in Haiti. Check out photos of the house on our Instagram.

The Retreat

I’m holding back tears writing this because Haiti was so much more than I ever expected.  The property owners exceeded our expectations, anything we wanted was provided.  The staff cooked our breakfast then immediately began dinner (clean and fresh eating at its best). I setup a volunteer effort at a local organization where a donation from every single attendee went to them. There was a wellness initiative that included massages, yoga and workshops. This Retreat was about giving back, without expecting anything but to live life without boundaries.  It was absolutely amazing and I would love for you to come join us!

If you’re interested in attending the retreat, please feel free to fill out this form or join our newsletter for instant updates.  A men only retreat will be the addition of 2017 and the women already left a mark to return annually.

If you enjoyed this blog and want to know more! Check us out on YouTube as we document the beautiful experience. I look forward to meeting you on the next Relax, Reset and Retreat. 

Live Well,