Purchasing a water filter was on my list of things to do, if you haven’t noticed I keep a running list to level up in life.  I’m forever experimenting, changing and evolving on this wellness journey.  That’s why it’s no surprise I brought another kitchen tool to aide in the process. These brands seriously need to cut the check!

A lot of people assume I drink smoothies and juice every day, okay I do but not all day.  Water is my thing, every single day, all day you’ll see me drinking water. I’m always thirsty (laugh out loud) seriously I can drink a gallon of water a day. Which translates into dollars..

I was buying water from the store frequently and I seriously didn’t care what brand. Long as it quenched my thirst, they all tasted the same to me and I bought it.. Yup, that was me and it was pure laziness. Now that I have a  filter, drinking water out of the bottle taste disgusting to me, on that first sip.  I can immediately tell the difference and I’m so glad to have made the switch with ZeroWater. This is one of those things I should  have done totally done sooner.

My journey into looking for a water filter started a year ago and I really visit target all the time but never really wanted to deal with it. This decision was hard for me because it was important to get the right one and I don’t believe that’s defined and it’s based on personal needs. I tried looking for a water filter to fit my faucet, that was a no go and stopped my search. The faucet design in my home has a hose that comes off to sprinkle pretty water like a shower. Yeah, I couldn’t find something for this and I gave up quick after that search. I still don’t know what the alternative is..

So I said okay, I’ll get one for the refrigerator and call it a day. Ummm, no there’s so many choices and sizes and they were all to high to fit into my refrigerator without taking the top shelf out. Again, frustrated it was no go and my friend was like “De” stop buying water and get your filter. She looked at me with disgust everyday when I said there was no more water in the house and I purchased two gallon three days ago. Bringing those gallons in the house was wasteful and another story.  Wow, how my life has changed with a water filter in the house.

Why Did I Want a Water Filter?

I wanted a water filter to save on plastic consumption in the house (waste control) and to save money on buying bottled water. You figure I buy one gallon a day for 365 days and the cost is $0.99 x 365 rounding that’s approximately $361.00 annually. Even if you purchased one case with 24 waters at $6.00 for 52 weeks the cost would be $312.00 annually and that’s not a 24 day water supply.  Now because I have this gallon at home, I may fill my water bottle once before I leave the house but that’s not going to last me all day. Let’s say I purchased one large 20oz bottle in addition to the gallon of water 365 days and the cost is $2.50 x 365 rounding the total would be an another 912.50 annually, when you think about it even half of that total is bad.  I’m no longer buying water while in these streets, wow such an eye opener $1224.50 annually that could be in my savings account.

What Does a Water Filter Do?

Initially it was a money thing and environmental it made sense to purchase a filter. There’s an additional factor like health to consider when making the switch…umm like lead and pesticides.  Water can contain dirt, minerals, chemicals and other impurities that make it smell and taste bad. I believe many people living in poverty have no idea what clean water taste like.. bottled water is not the solution. Filtering the water can help purify it by removing some if not all of these impurities and I’m sure you won’t personally add chemicals to improve the taste at home. We have to be educated on our water supply and if you’re not sure where to start.  I recommend getting the water at your house tested or checking with your local health department community assessment. There’s published research for you to review on site, legally it has to be available.


What Kind of Filter Did I buy and How Do You Like It?

I use the Zero Water Filter and I love it. It was purchased at target for $34 and I’m still on my first filter. There’s some extra stuff in the top of the reservoir that may come out called ion beads or carbon beads that eventually go back in the filter or can simply be rinsed out. This comes from direct pressure of filling the reservoir from the faucet and you should use a secondary item to pour into the filter. Ummm, I learned the hard way but the customer service representative was so helpful when I called to explain what I was seeing and it will also save your filter. There’s this cool meter reader that let’s you know when to change the filter by testing the water. No guess work and it’s affordable.

My water taste amazing and to keep a steady flow of water in the house. I use a extra gallon container to fill when my ZeroWater filter process is compete. Then I refill my and have two gallons of clean water.

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