Did you see it? Of course you did (flyer above) because it’s all over our social media. As promised, we have a men’s retreat in 2017 and I know you’re wondering how she’s doing that. Well, If you’re a follower of my blog, then you also know I have plenty of experience as a retreat host. Trust and believe ya girl has it all planned out and we cater to our clients needs. So, let me explain how this came about.

Last year, 2016 I hosted a retreat to Haiti and during promotion/after it was sold out the men was like, we want to go.  Insert shocked face, than I asked why? They simply responded with we need help getting healthy too!  Okay, you right but I still wasn’t too sure men would take the trip seriously if it was hosted by me. Those feelings passed quickly after a group of men gave me the are you serious look. In response to them all I said “next year I’ll be sure to include a men’s retreat in my schedule.” but you have to come. Which I did and brought along a personal trainer “Myron” to help me whip them in shape. Oh ya’ll thought it was going to be about me and the fellas..Naw!

You see when the men approached me, I knew my responsibility as a women was to organize them and ensure I get the right collaborator to pour into them.  Having a partner would help me provide balance and I was careful to choose someone who operates on the same frequency. because it still is Relax, Reset & Retreat (men’s addition).  Don’t get it twisted, Myron is a strong man but that doesn’t mean he can’t be honest, conscious, curious, and grateful. He believes your body is to be cared for and your spirit is to be nourished.  So when I approached him about this trip to Jamaica, he was on board and ready to take time for himself without women being involved. Which was also important to me. Hold on ladies. Don’t Jump On Me!

As a women, who practices wellness and who also loves taking time for herself. I would also want the same for my man (insert, if I had one) or even the men in my family. Any women who’s concerned about her partner going on this trip because it’s organized by a women, I don’t want your man to come.   I would rather have you on the women’s retreat to work on your power and vibrations. After you experience life without boundaries, then you can send your man and now we have a balanced household of love, power and respect.  Everyone’s operating on the same level because we both took care of ourselves, prior to healing our relationship.

All I want, is to have the strong men and powerful women, existing to take care of each other. Imagine if I would have gotten to Kanye before Kim. Ya’ll made me take it there but I bet you understand the concept of taking care of ourselves better.

I look forward to having the men in June, prior to Fathers Day, doing men stuff, working out, volunteering, eating good, relaxing, then coming home to the family.  If you’re interested, sign up here!

Live Well,