My 2017 travel list has been lit this year and I’ve visited Los Angeles the most going back and forth every couple of months attending festivals, meeting new people, eating amazing food, going to live concerts and of course practicing yoga at my favorite studio.

What excites me the most about LA is the availability to eat at an entirely vegan restaurant and not have to compromise my cooking space with meat, cheese or any other non-vegan ingredients shared with the grill. There’s the added convenience to order from any part of the menu, which make me  feel really spoiled every time I visit. My mind thinks they do it just for me but it’s the blueprint of the city and demand of the people who look amazing and live a healthy lifestyle.   I’m not saying everyone in LA is healthy and beautiful but the ratio is high.  I mean Veg News ranked LA  #1 as the top vegan friendly city in the United States and Happy Cow ranked them #2 as the top vegan friendly city around the world. That say’s a lot and I’m not tripping for always wanting to be there.. not kidding!

If you plan on visiting LA here’s some places I’ve dined at and what I’ve thought of the food, menu and atmosphere.

  1. Gracias  Madre / Melrose Ave  – I wanted  to eat on Melrose and experience that so I picked Gracias Madres because it aligned with my core food values. It’s a 100% organic, plant-based menu, Mexican cuisine restaurant. Yes, turn-up I love Mexican food and at first glance when I looked at that menu, I knew this was my place to eat. We pull up to valet of course, approach the host stand and they ask if you have reservations. I recommend you select the patio because this place is very chic with an upscale atmosphere. The patio is beautiful, the staff is outstanding and the food.. well apparently I only like authentic Mexican food because this was boujee Mexican food, it had no flavor or authenticity to me. Boy was I disappointed because I will six  course a three course meal all day…meaning I order for two. I knew from when that appetizer hit the table this was going to be fuq’d  up.  I never tasted a quesadilla that was a folded pancake.. My quinoa salad, yeah that was a bad choice on my end and their menu creator…it doesn’t make sense. Would I do back? Yes on a date because it’s sexy in there and I’ll order something different off the menu, plus a drink to get through the meal, not the date

    1. Stuff I Eat/ Downtown Inglewood – This restaurant serves an all vegan cuisine but you may be more familiar with the owner Chef Babette Davis, who is the hottest and healthiest senior citizen chef I’ve seen. Chef “B” is the true version of what my wiser self looks like decades from now.  Every time I visit Los Angeles “Stuff I Eat” is a requirement no matter what my plans are. I also leave with a meal to-go because the food is good, it’s seasoned well and the portions are filling. The atmosphere is okay, I mean it is Inglewood but I feel safe to dine in every time so don’t let that scare you off. My favorite meal is the “Soul Food Platter” with yams, kale greens, black eye peas, mac n cheese, bbq tofu, corn bread and potato salad or coleslaw (I get both). I try something new every visit and the SFP never disappoints. I’ve also ordered a piece of  cake that was over  priced and very delicious. If your pockets allow please order the sweet potato cake, you will thank  me later.

    1. Fala Bar/ Venice, Abbot Kinney – I stumbled upon this restaurant after a meeting in another cool place that wasn’t vegan but I had to eat. I walked down the road a bit and saw this vegan sign above the building and my inner voice sung (ahhh), then I saw a juice bar across the street and made my decision based on the wall décor that said “No Fake Shit”.  I was like.. this my place. Walking into the space it’s very small but well lit to serve vegans on the go with a fully stocked self serve case. The menu is non-gmo using organic or local produce with a variety of falafel in any of the sandwiches, salads, bowls, burgers or plates.  There were so many good options but I choose the Fala  Me to Heaven Salad  4 (sweet potato) falafels topped on  a bed of mixed greens with white cabbage,  purple  cabbage, Israeli salad, hummus, tahini and lemon wedge. It was so good and I will for sure go back here to eat, I’ve never had anything so creative and so many options with falafel.

If you loved this share it and let me know your favorite city to splurge on an all vegan menu.

Live Well,