I’ve been natural for a long time. I can’t remember the last time I had a relaxer or how old I was when I got one but I can tell you what prompted me to fully transition back to my natural texture and how I did it.

Growing up I always went to the hair salon. That was a thing for the women in my family and I use to love sitting as a young girl getting pampered by someone else. It just made me feel real grown up until I got old enough to pay for it myself.

As I grew older, I started drifting away from the salon experience. Reason one was my stylist complaining and reason two was that strong chemical smell going into my scalp that made me feel uneasy. I felt an imbalance to the process and started retouching every 4-6 months.  My stylist would be livid she had to manage this kinky hair. That made me uncomfortable so I stopped my reoccurring appointments and would only do protective styles like sew-ins or braids. Washing my hair beforehand so I didn’t hear no mess!

Unfortunately, I don’t remember how long I did that because with a relaxer 90% of the time my hair was in a protective style. Eventually, the washing process became too much of a hassle for me to handle with two different textures and that’s when I decided to revert back to my natural hair.

When my relaxer grew out enough for me to have length, I went to Supercuts and had the perm cut off.  That was one of the most freeing experiences I’ve ever had and it showed me my natural texture could be combed straight through without a relaxer.  I then started managing my own hair partially (I’m not about that life) with wash days and protective styling. However, right now I’ve just about had it and I’m so over doing my hair.

I know your like well…go to the salon. I wish it was that easy.  Today I still struggle mentally with salon wait times and finding a stylist I can trust after failed attempts. However, I remain optimistic because of WNY Naturals an online support group where I watch the stylist engagement. Let me tell you the members in that group will help you figure some stuff out and I saw the U.S. has it’s first natural hair school.  That’s cool and like I said, there’s hope.

Now, I’m not saying there’s no talent but my cousin was a beautician growing up and did many of the hair styles I see naturals wearing today. I’m just happy education for the up and coming community of stylist is happening. That’s an important factor when selecting a stylist for ladies like me who need someone to tame their hair without using ingredients taught to manage relaxed hair. I get tired of doing my own hair, even though it is cost effective. I’m willing to pay a knowledgeable stylist, who’s willing to help care for my hair and teach me along the way. It takes from no one, trust me I’ll be back. Dreaming, that would be awesome!

My current status is I have fallen back in love with protective styling so I’m going to keep this going and see what my hair does.  I took out my Senegalese twist to stunt at WNY Naturals INHMD event, which you can also read about here but they will be back in very soon or not ( I Love My Fro). Let’s stay connected to see where this goes.

You have to be patient with the process.  As with most things it does get better with time and effort. It’s a hair care journey and you have to sacrifice length sometimes to experience growth!

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Live Well,