Dechantell and Mandy
Dechantell and Mandy

I was invited to Revolution Buffalo by Mandy Pearce to visit the cycling studio and TRX fitness center in Williamsville. I love a fitness invite so of course I went to check this place out and take Mandy’s TRX Thursday night class 7:00pm-8:00pm.

Now TRX is suspension training that uses gravity and your bodyweight to exercise. This is serious strength building and it’s intense but I think any body can do it at your own pace and build from there. You don’t have to bring anything but your whole self to walk out feeling great.

In the class they use a yoga matt above your suspension trainers. You leave your shoes on and I recommend comfortable workout clothes because I said it’s intense. The suspension trainers can be adjusted for resistance. Be prepared for a circuit training kind of class, where you are pushed to keep going. I like those motivational “You can do it” instructors.  Yell at me Mandy!

Have water for breaks if not there is a water fountain near by. Don’t watch the clock it will make you tired and have fun getting fit. Mandy plays great music and you can tell she’s really passionate about fitness. I was amazed when she showed me some moves and that woman knows her body weight. Mandy’s husband (Ben) was in the class giving big credits to the program for helping him build strength and muscle. I totally recognized some of the poses that builds mobility and flexibility from yoga. That’s a lot to fit into one hour but Mandy gets it done. I walked out feeling stronger for sure.

Overall It was amazing to try something new and see what my body can do. I also evaluated where I needed to build more strength, which is always my middle section.  I think challenging and switching up the workout is important because we can get comfortable or at least I do with a workout and we need to continue developing our strengths. You should do this in all walks of life, switch it up sometimes.

Thank you Mandy for the invite, check out some video on our Facebook page and please visit Revolution Buffalo, they have two locations.  I’ll be back!

Live Well,