My heart is oozing with love as I type this and rushing to tell you because I’m so excited about the work we did in Haiti.  When I say “We” this includes every single person that attends Relax, Rest & Retreat because the work we do abroad is part of the experience and everyone gives back financially. Indeed because it’s within the price of the trip. Visiting Haiti was not a selfish trip and if you read “Why Haiti” you’ll start to question what’s really going on here. Okay, Let me get back to the organization that graciously opened their doors to us.

The Art Creation Foundation for Children (acffc) is an organization who has a passion for change in Jacmel. What first attracted me to the acffc was the passion for the children and to teach them how to become entrepreneurs. I found out they had three programs (Art, Education and Feeding) and I knew we wanted to seed into all three. I inquired and asked how is this successfully done. Judy, founder and director advised me they take donations for feeding and education. The art component is both donations and education. Funds are used for supplies, they provide instruction in traditional art, papier-mâché and mosaics to inspire and grow independent,productive members of society.

Okay, so I thought we got this! I gave the ladies a list and asked them to bring supplies. The proceeds from the trip would take care of feeding and we would donate our time to education.  Most of us were creative entrepreneurs and if you weren’t I had faith in your skillset as working knowledge. Boom we got this, right?

Yeah, we did bring it! We get to acffc the ladies brought snacks, clothes, coloring books, crayons, bubbles, tooth brushes, shoes, money and time! I think our biggest accomplishment was providing over two months of rice for 100+ kids daily.  We took care of their food budget as a group of women for two months by donating additional funds.  We cried like babies as the children sang “Thank You” to us in Haitian Creole for like 5 minutes. OMG, they got us and our hearts will be forever grateful.

Non-profits like the acffc is a huge take-on because education is not free in Haiti and the acffc helps send children to school, pay for books and uniforms. Those uniforms are crisp and tailor made so you know they are not cheap. It’s such a beautiful site to see them walking to school but…

  • What if I told you it cost them eating a good meal?
  • What if I told you some kids have no parents to support and help them grow?
  • What if I told you people give up their own life in the U.S. for this organization?

Would you donate to that organization? Yes, here’s the link acffc

Let’s go back on a high note again. The ladies didn’t stop donations with this organization, they gave dollars out to the kids in the community, left clothes, supported local vendors and will never be forgotten.

True story on the ladies community impact.. It was muddy and slippery for our van to get up the mountain one day. We woke up the next day the kids laid rocks all the way up the hill of the mountain for our van to get everyone up and down the way.

Thank You #Haiti13 no one will ever forget you or replace this experience. I get excited every time I think about it and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Relax, Reset & Retreat. I will continue to travel, give and heal through out my life.

Photos from acffc of the children using the supplies and showing the first shipment of rice.


Day one I knew my retreats was going to be about giving back and it’s not something I wanted to do alone.

Live Well,