Dating for some is a thrill, you know fun and exciting.

Who am I kidding? Dating sucks! There are some single people who enjoy it and if you’re one of the few, more power to you.  However, this is about me and the many conversations I’ve had on dating. Whether from a male or female perspective, the common consensus is “I prefer not too”.

Why? The process can be very grueling. Yes. I said grueling! The men of today make it hard to take them seriously or to trust them. They are making it easy to consider dating as wasted time and we as women have to be aware. Then decide when to cut it! At the same time we have to be open to the journey and mindful of what we bring to a relationship. With that being said, I’m going to share five types of men I don’t want to date.

  1. Daddy Day Care, He has multiple kids with different partners. You don’t find this out until several discussion of talking, texting and fun dates….you figured he had one kid, you know. Then you learn the real deal. He’s never been married and he “hates all his kids mothers”. While you’ve had a good time and enjoyed his company. You also wonder….how he had time for you!?  Where are your kids at? SMH
  2. The Clingy One, They want a text back ASAP to know what’s going on every minute of the day. If you punch out at 5pm, he’s calling at 4:59:59. Also, this is our  first date and you want to hold hands. Ok, let them do that lol. When he drops you off at home, he’s texting at the light and gets home only to call you. WE JUST LEFT EACH OTHER! While some may be reading this and thinking “isn’t this what women want?” Not all, unless there is truly a magnetic connection. Pull back a little, let things be done in moderation. I can’t love you on the first date. Back up homie!
  3. The -Out-Of-Towner, This is the one you really like. You and your friends have already talked about the going away party for the day you two fall in love and finally decide that you can no longer live in separate cities. The talks are intense, Facetimes are frequent and you never miss a text. Then all that stops. He’s just been “chilling.” Yeah. Ok. I saw you on Snapchat!
  4. The Religious One, He’s strong in the Islamic faith. He’s a minister in the church. He’s the devout Jehovah’s Witness….who always want a “pic.” They want to come over after a “late meeting” and can’t keep his hands to himself. While I realize everyone has needs, his actions don’t line up with what he’s teaching or preaching, and that says way more than those Bible verses he’s posting every morning.
  5. The Player, Cute and fresh to def., you know that gut feeling when you see them. The texts are sparse, he says he’s coming and he never does, you may see him out, he’ll buy you a drink then disappear…he says he’s not sure if he’s ready for a relationship….only to find out—he’s in one!!!!

Now you see why this is not fun for me!  I’m interested to know what type of men have you come across that makes you loathe dating? Chat with me on twitter @AricaYvette.


Arica is a single woman dating in Buffalo N.Y.