We’re back and this time my recovery was a lot sooner than last year. Man, the first year took a lot out of me and this year it was more about me catching a personal breathe from all that went on as opposed to the overwhelming excitement for hosting my first retreat. I was definitely more chill and relaxed with everything this year than super emotional and over thinking. Third time around it’s going to be about finding my in-between so I can still have a good time with the attendees and be able to chase the sun on a relaxing day. Here’s a day in the life of a retreat host and the some attendees come along for the journey…

If you’re unfamiliar with what and why Relax, Reset & Retreat happens you can check out this blog post or do a search for “retreat” within the website for more helpful information on how to attend.

Fun Stuff, time for a photo recap on what the journey was like from the ride to Toronto, Air Canada take off to driving back home in the States. An interesting journey it all was but I wouldn’t change it for nothing, experience is the best lesson for life and growth.

In order to get the best flight rate those leaving from Buffalo we drove to Toronto and flew out of that airport. I’ve never left from that airport before and let me tell you it is state of the art, talk about convenient and technological savvy. The freaking computer checks your bags! Seriously, you put your own tag on the bag and place it on the conveyer then the tag gets scanned electronically and weighs the bag to go on the airplane. I was really acting like, I ain’t never been no where tourist trying to take pictures in this airport. We all know I’ve been places but why was this new to me lol. All in fun, the best part was my bonnet chronicles  that started from the arrival to Toronto until I took met TSA and he told me I was confident with my hair in twist and he liked it.  Boy Bye!

We arrive in Jamaica and our driver picks us up to travel 2 hours to the house of course, we stop on the side of the road for fruit, patties and JA. Unforgettable experience because I paid for bananas and left them. My eyes were bigger than my stomach getting so much fruit.

Next stop was the beautiful guest house off the grid on the sea side of Jamaica just outside of Negril. We were greeted by the house manager Richie who took great care of us and kept the house super clean.

The ladies arrive the next day it’s customary that I go a day prior to ensure the house is ready and Dinner is served upon arrival, let the retreat begin!

Bomb Fire!



Bike Ride!

Sun Bathing!


Risking Ya Life or Naw! (check @Living_Well_De Instagram for the big Jump video)

Amazingly fresh fruit, vegetable and set-up!

Grand finale “I See Your True Color Coordination” 2017 Year of White!

Wait but before we leave with all this getting our life, we always remember to bless those who share the island with us. The ladies of Relax, Reset & Retreat made a huge donation of school supplies that were donated and enough for two local school in Little Bay, Jamaica. A huge shout out to them and I also want to give a special thank you to those who made donations from the community and sponsored the luggage. I am forever grateful.  I hope to see you next year or you can catch a yoga retreat on our sister site this year.  Check here for more details.. Yes, I’m a traveling yoga teacher!

You can check out more great photos on what retreat life was like on my Instagram  @Living_Well_De and as always I share an awesome video on YouTube. 

Live Well,