Every year I put together this packing list in the Relax, Reset & Retreat Private Planning Group for attendees. This year I thought why not share it so anyone who plans on attending can know what to expect and anyone who attends can use this as a directory plus I don’t have to retype it for every retreat.  Hey, it’s about working smarter not harder and it will help everyone involved.

So, you’re headed out for this amazing experience and excited about attending Relax, Reset and Retreat.  It’s something you’ve been looking forward to for months and you have no idea what to pack. The first thing I tell attendees every year is to start with an open mind, don’t get wrapped up in what to bring because you’ll over pack.

There’s a fine line between over-packing which I did year one but left everything behind for the people who took care of us. Then there’s the goal of packing what you need and not carrying around what you don’t need. I always have extra clothes because I literally wear pajamas, leggings and bathing suits the whole trip. I hope this helps and remember this is going to be a beautiful experience so relax, reset and get ready to retreat!

This post is specifically for Relax, Reset and Retreat no matter where we land it seems to be the same theme of items needed.

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Relax, Reset & Retreat Packing Checklist!

1. Comfortable Clothes
I suggest leggings, shorts, sports bra, tanks.  Anything that is lounge wear, stretch and easy for you to move about. A sundress, one pair of jeans and your outfit for the final dinner with the color selected by the retreat host.

2. Comfortable Shoes
Flip flops, sandals, cheap pair of sneakers that you’re okay with getting dirty. We’re not getting messy but if it rains I don’t want you walking around in high heels.

3. Bathing Suit
Self explanatory for the sea, pool and excursions you have to experience that naked!

4. Hat, Sunscreen, Sunglasses.
You have to protect yourself in the sun, especially if you like baking as I do.

5. Book and/or Journal

I provide a journal for every attendee but I also recommend bringing a book you’ve been wanting to read and/or a journal you may want to continue logging in daily.

6. Gym or Yoga Clothes

We do workout at sunrise and this goes with comfortable clothing. Don’t double pack here think of really loose clothing that allows movement. Leggings, capris, shorts and sports bras.

7. Healthy Snacks for travel

You never know when hunger may strike. The retreat house is usually off the grid and normally an hour or two from the airport. Travel with snacks but the dinner is always waiting and prepared by house staff upon arrival.

8. Inspiration

A positive attitude is needed to stay present and patient. Come to the retreat ready to love, support and engage with others who may need this time with you and you had no idea.

9. Open Mind

Set yourself up for success before leaving in both mind and body. Come prepared to leave work, family and social media behind. This is a time for you to relax and live beyond your normal expectations.

10. Singles (not large bills)

I screw this up every single time because I am so busy with planning.  You need to travel with small bills. Singles are easier when trying to bargain on goods but fives are good as well so your not carrying a ton of money around.

1. Bug Repellant
2. Water shoes (maybe)
3. Extra flip flops (shower shoes)

I can’t wait to meet you there!

Live Well,