Recently, I took a short road trip to Rochester to visit my friend and have some us time (ussies).  We’re both really busy women and to balance our friendship we schedule time with each other monthly, alternating cities and planning fun things to do. It’s a hour an half drive for the both of us, which is so worth the time to maintain the relationship we’ve built.

Anyway, this particular visit was my turn to drive up for relaxation and lunch. We go all out with planning our dates, also known as “Doing Stuff For Us”.  This date we decided a visit to AE Spa was on the agenda. My friend raves about this place all the time and tells me how much I would love it and she was right! Oh my goodness, this place was so serene…Shout out to my friend for knowing what I like.

Walking into AE Spa, your greeted with water and a smile by the staff. If this is your first visit, they ask you to complete a form to get additional information and returning clients have a seat until your called for treatment. 

I was scheduled for a primary facial, this included a skin analysis, cleansing, light exfoliation, follicle extraction, masque treatment and a light massage all given by Sherry. The room was filled with an ocean sound, a soft robe, sink and massage table to get comfortable.

Prior to starting the facial, Sherry asked me a few questions and explained the process as she moved step by step.  During the skin analysis she gave recommendations, compliments and explained how I can better maintain my glow. I wanted to know more about the treatment  done to my neck, I wasn’t expecting that. Sherry explained “a lot of women take care of the face and neglect the neck, that’s where you see aging the most”. Their face would be tight but you can tell how old women are most of the time by looking at the neck. So don’t forget to take care of the neck ladies. That made so much sense to me and from now on my neck will be part of my home care process.

I want to thank AE Spa for a beautiful experience and pleasant staff. I knew immediately Sherry was for me and I was overjoyed when I saw her. Sherry had this aura of comfort and was very easy to talk with. If you ever visit Rochester check out this spa and make sure you tip my girl Sherry well.

How do you and your friends find time to relax?  Leave a comment below and let me know, I would love to hear all about it.

Live Well,