A new venture! In an effort to educate the larger community on plant based living.  I’ll be collaborating with health and wellness experts from around the world to share their stories on the lifestyle and some tools/information to help both of our audiences maintain at any level.

Sounds amazing right? Yeah, I know and the best thing is it’s free.. All you have to do is provide your email address to register then the teleseminar information will be sent via email. Why am I doing this? Well, I felt this was needed because every year in January I host the “New Year, Be You” Wellness Conference in Buffalo N.Y. when resolutions run high and everyone’s trying to get healthy. Well this year (2017) after the conference I walked away feeling like I needed to do more to maintain sustainability within the community.

Everyone loved the conference (read more here) but I didn’t want people to walk away with all this information and inspiration, then go home and not take action. So I challenged myself to follow up and think long term about making a difference with lasting impact.

Why do I care? This was important to me because so many people fall of the wagon by the end of January, I wanted to keep them informed and engaged throughout the year. I came up with this bright idea to hold teleseminars quarterly.  I’m like anyone who’s part of the Living Well with DeChantell community would enjoy this Free perk and those interested could join the conversation and hopefully join the group of “Living Well” enthusiast. Sounds easy but not really if they don’t know where or how to find me.

One of the biggest complaints I hear is.. I don’t really know any vegans, I don’t understand the lifestyle. Well, this is where I need your help to spread the word to get others involved on the education and intimate conversation. Tell a friend and share this post out to family and co-workers. We become stronger together!

As you can see I’m committed to the community right now and want to ensure the tools and resources needed to live a healthy lifestyle are in reach and easily accessible.

Now that you understand the purpose I’m going to tell you about our awesome call this quarter with raw powered nutritionist from Canada Jessica Jones also know as Rawthentic Jess on Instagram and Facebook. She’s a Raw Powered Vegan Nutritionist, Educational Speaker and graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.

Her goal is to educate, motivate and demonstrate the wonderful ways a Raw Powered Vegan Diet can steer you away from sickness and disease and bring you back into balance and that she did explain on the call.  Sorry you missed the conversation, no worries. You can play back the recording by registering and hear all the knowledge Jess dropped on her transition and how it’s changed her life.

I hope you can join us and tell a friend, how we’re planning seeds in the community!

Live Well,