Welcome to the first article on Living Well with DeChantell!! I started this site to share my journey and promote others who I feel are living, eating and breathing a healthy lifestyle. As a certified health coach I’m committed to wellness and educating others to take a holistic approach. I’m a mom of a teenager, working on building a better life for all of us.

I am super excited to  dive in with a topic that we can all relate to  – Self Love I felt prompted to write this because I’ve recently noticed an influx of  Facebook postings saying know your worth and I wondered if the people who like these post or promote it really know what that means..

I’ve noticed that women have been struggling with self-love and self-worth and I think it’s time to change that mindset!  I have come up with 10 tools to help improve your level of self-love because you’re worth it!

10 tools for Complimenting Ourselves – Self Love

  1. Appreciate What You Already Have: Be grateful for the current because it is your reality. Live in the here and now. Being grateful for what you already have is a sign of gratitude.
  2. Positive Affirmations -: Being consciously aware of your thoughts is important because you have the power to shape your day and mood. Find one positive phrase that sets the tone and speak it first thing in the morning.
  3. Treat Yourself, Don’t Cheat Yourself: We as women often put our friends, husbands and/or children ahead of ourselves because we’re selfless and we’re superwomen. We can take it all on right? WRONG! Even Superwoman needs a break. It is important to set aside time JUST FOR YOU without feeling guilty.   Do something that you enjoy doing: meditation, pampering (i.e. bubble bath), read, etc. Taking care of yourself first is important before you take care of someone else because it allows you to help them properly.
  4. Compliment Others: Give credit when credit is due. If you see someone with a lovely hairstyle or outfit, compliment them. If you’re inspired by someone, tell them! Great things come to you when you can see them in others.
  5. Disconnect: Learn how to disconnect from things that you may be addicted to. This can be people, places or things (sex, social media, etc.). If it takes you away from being whole meaning functioning to get things done. Why do you need it?
  6. Achieve Balance: Make time for family, friends, yourself, and worship/religion. Don’t dedicate yourself to one thing and be unfulfilled in other aspects of your life.
  7. Know What You Want: What do you want? What are your desires? Your desires and needs should be clearly articulated. Get comfortable with being direct with your wants so that when the opportunity arises you are prepared to receive what you’ve asked for.
  8. Grow: Don’t be afraid of who you could become or where you could go. Do things that will take you to the next level. It could be going back to school, getting a new job, moving to another city/country. Take the steps to review and access what can improve you!
  9. Speak Highly of Yourself: We’re always our own worst critics, right? However, we have to be careful to not go down the road of self- deprecating. It is important to speak with confidence when speaking of ourselves. Being confident is contagious and others take notice and admire it!
  10. Power: Don’t relinquish the power that you worked so hard to get by giving it to someone that doesn’t appreciate, acknowledge, and trust the person that you’ve become. This applies to everyday encounters at work, relationships, children, and food. Don’t let it defeat you, when you’re already winning.

I currently practice these 10 tools and have been enjoying my very own journey to self-love. Loving oneself is the ultimate goal because without love for self how can you love others? Get started with your very own journey and use Kendrick Lamar’s positive lyrics as motivation – “I LOVE MYSELF”!