When asked about my most memorable trip or the best vacation of my life.  The first thing that comes to mind is my accidental solo trip.   I spent most of my early years traveling with someone or meeting people at my final destination.  This was the first time I really vacationed alone and I believe it helped me grow into the person I am today.

Now, don’t get it twisted I never had an issue with having fun by myself. Trust me my solo turn up is real and I know how to have a good time. However, this particular instance I was in my mid 20s and planned a get away to Vegas for me and a close, very close, like family close person. At the last minute my traveling partner tells me they’re not coming.  No lie, I wasn’t angry but very confused on why the change of plans.

Unfortunately most solo trips occur that way but people are catching on to booking trips for one because they have such a good time alone. 

The lesson was grasshopper, you’re gonna have to be prepared to do some things alone and it was time I needed to find myself that I didn’t realize at the moment. Try telling your family this.. of course they were very concerned about me going that far by myself but I was already flying out every other month and they couldn’t tell me anything.  Now that I think back on it, there was no fear on my side. I wanted to travel and see the world because Vegas was on the other side of the US map. That was far for me in my 20s and at that point I made it. I wasn’t going to let a last minute flake stop my good time fa real. My flight was booked, hotel was paid for and I was still going. Catch it!

My first solo trip was in the United States and I’m sure if it had been International I would still go. At this age today, I’m more cautious but technology makes things easier to link up with other people and find new adventures. I encourage solo trips even more now and if you’re forced to do a solo trip, don’t question it “Absolutely Go”. Find an online traveling group or network to introduce yourself but lurk around first and make sure it’s safe. ⇐ cautious  De lol

I also encourage the splurge. I went every where and paid top dollar to do everything I wanted without anyone else stopping my flow because their money was tight or complaining about a particular place. I’m sure we all experienced this when traveling with a group. Solo trips are a once in a lifetime experience where magical things happens when you just live it up. Trust me..

My Vegas trip was free tickets to a fight at my hotel (Pacquiao and Cotto) plus the Latin Grammys within the week of my stay.  I saw the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam in a helicopter ride. I ate at Emeril Lagasse restaurant about every night, I love me some creole food.  Just so many things I would have NEVER done with a plus one. I’ve been back to Vegas since then with other people and it did not measure up to my solo trip. Time of my life and I wanted that feeling again!

So this summer I thought back to when I was fearless and wanted to do something I’ve never done and alone.  I decided to take an Amtrak Train ride to New York City then later on meet up with friends for a bashment a.k.a baby shower lol.

I’ve never rode the train before and it’s mad slow but I got so much work done with that free Wi-Fi doe! So unexpected but it allowed me to relax and take in the beautiful views.. I saw people kayaking, a bird was walking faster than we were moving at one point. I really saw a part of New York State I never seen before with beautiful water and small towns of happy people.

Although the pace of the ride was unexpected and I appreciate that because we don’t want to derail. I feel like I needed that smooth ride after being dropped off in the concrete jungle. New York City transportation is no joke. I partially blame myself because I had no idea where I was going and I really cared (Maybe) by looking nothing up.

Guess I was looking for my normal experience. Group trips and some guide helping me, silly me. Yo, I got the total opposite of that. The train arrives in New York, I finally find the ticket booth to take the Long Island Express train to Brooklyn (don’t ask them booth people nothing) and felt straight up lost. I negated to really figure out how to get around because my peoples are from New York and I relied on them to explain. Plus I knew once I got off that express train my ride was outside.

You see the difference in my 20 year old self and 30 year old self.  I went with the flow more and didn’t really question much of anything or care. I did what I wanted and didn’t settle for much of anything. That’s the place I’m getting back to today and will drop my 30 year old self in many new places, hopefully meeting many new people.  Stick with me through out this journey and hit me up, maybe I’ll be in your city soon.

Do what you want, Go where you want, Be Fearless and Never be afraid to do things Alone!

Live Well,