May of 2015 I remember contacting BikeOrBar asking if we could collaborate and do something together to benefit an organization. I sent some ideas and one of them was a hip hop spin class I came across, taught by Keith Thompson of KTX Fitness.  I asked the owner ifRead More →

It is possible to budget a gym membership by making the most of your employee benefits. More employers are encouraging a healthy lifestyle in the workplace by promoting health and wellness events. This could be but not limited to incorporating regular exercise into your daily life, which in return leads to balance. This is where IRead More →

Should I put this under #WhatFatVegansEat?  Yeah, seems right because that’s a real hashtag used by the vegan community to describe something amazingly awesome but not really on the scale of clean eating.  Well Girl Scouts of American consider yourself tagged! We can no longer use the“Sorry I’m Vegan” instead we buy and walkRead More →