As a vegan and a mom, we always dread Halloween because you want to take the kids to parties, trick or treating and let them pass out candy in class but at the same time you’ve adapted a lifestyle that doesn’t support the use of animal products. So how does a parent get aroundRead More →

  OMG! I will never get tired of seeing Waka Flocka explain how and why he went vegan. It makes me smile every time I see him doing some vegan baking, eating vegan food or discussing his journey amongst peers. #Fact Waka has a following that touches the greater population of people I so desperately want to teach. #Truth It’s really hard for theRead More →

First let me say prior to becoming vegan, I loved pasta and this was not something on my compromise list to give up. As I’ve grown in the journey my mindset has changed, I eat way more veggie pasta (zucchini,carrot, beet) than I use to and I now shop for quinoa or brown rice pasta. That’s life inside the house of DeRead More →

I hope all my readers had an amazing Thanks-Giving and you kissed up, hugged up and loved up on family all day long.  I kind of stayed in my house until 4:30pm, it was the first time I was not asked to help cook and I didn’t offer to assist with anything. My vegan family thanks-giving mealRead More →